new here, need advice.


hi everyone,


I don’t know why but I am a little nervous to post on here... since having my Lletz treatment 5 days ago I have been feeling a bit of pain. not like discomfort it's more like any time I move about I get a stabbing pain in my lower abdomen, I phoned an out of hours GP on thurs 2days after the appointment and he said I will be feeling pain like that for 3-7 days after the procedure but any information given to me by the colposcopist  said I shouldn’t be feeling these types of pains and to consult a doctor, she also said that I would be feeling fine to work the next day I haven’t been to work since the treatment, mainly because of the flu but partly because of the pain. I am finding this all really frustrating and too much for me to deal with, I am getting worried about infection. (3Days after treatment still in pain and just wanted answers) contacted my doctor, she didn’t even have a vague idea about Lletz treatment and asked me to take the leaflet that they gave me at my treatment to  my appointment. During the appointment I told her I was worried about infection and she told me that it is probably thrush due to some other things that is TMI for my first ever post!!!!!!!! I asked her what the reason for the pain is and she didn’t answer and then was like I’ll just swab you to check for infection. when she did it was really sore and jolting and then said I think its just thrush but ill send this off for your peace of mind. it would give me piece of mind she is right but at the moment I don’t care about my piece of mind I care about the fact that I am in pain and I’m 95% sure I shouldn't be. it's making me feel like I am going crazy. and also making me really angry. I feel bad enough about putting off my smear for far too long and being bombarded with the severity of my situation completely over whelmed me, without the doctors not actually doing anything. I have to wait until Wednesday now to find out which is fine but what if the infection (or my mental health aha) gets worse? I’m trying not to think too much about it but I just need support and I don't feel like I am getting it... my family are really supportive, but they just don't understand the way I am feeling.


If anyone can rant with me, give me any advice or anything? I am dying to chat to someone who has been in a similar situation to this.




Thanks in advance...... x


Hi Natalie i feel your pain im 5 days after lletz and still getting pain but i havent spoken to any docs about it. The more i walk the worse it is with me ive been greatfull for friends who have taken my girls to school so i can rest but im truly fed up. The only thing with me is ive had my coil removed to so not sure what im feeling is due to that or due to the lletz. Is it just pain your getting? Ive just been told to keep an eye out for a bad smell or a heavy bleed which i havent had either. Sorry im not much help but happy to rant with you, hope your pain goes soon and you results come back ok xx

thanks Caz,

every time I walk around and things the pain is a little more brutal so trying not to do much of that aha! I’ve been getting the smell in the pinky discharge but my doctor was like is it fishy and I was like not overly it is more like a prawn cocktail than sushi whiff aha (I’m totally over exaggerating I did say that in my head) I said it was not pleasant and she just brushed it off as thrush. I had treated myself for thrush like a week and abit before my lletz thing so I don’t know!


the whole treatment was a little unplanned for me... I just assumed that everyone with abnormal cells had to go straight to the colposcopy thing.. I was nervous, but just because I find the idea of a room of strangers looking at me (and my cervix) slightly unnerving aha!I wish I read this website before going I would have been prepared!


I bet it's really hard with your two little ones? But at least when they are in school you can relax a little easier :)


... they encourage us to phone the doctors and the place you had it done, did they mention anything about pain and lletz when you get the coil removed? I’m sure they say the coil being removed isn't meant to be painful? I’d give a call up on Monday and check if I was you! As much as I am hating this and hate to say feel really unattractive afterwards it is so nice to be able to read through other peoples concerns, questions and thoughts on it all.





Hi I'm new to all this. I was diagnosed 13.10.2015.

I went to my GP due to severe pelvic pains & vaginal bleeding after sex , vaginal discharge etc.

So she did an internal and took some swabs. The swabs came back clear but she wasn't happy with the way my cervix looked so sent me of to hospital for a further investigation. Then I was sent of for an MRI scan and had a biopsy which confirmed carcinoma of the cervix. I had my HIV test which cameb back negative, I have to await on a CT scan plus a PET scan. I have to go and be put to sleep so they can measure the tumour soon. To get the staging of the cancer. Sorry Just needed to express and actually admit it's happening. I'm only 22 years old a mum of 3 young children xx

Hi Jessie dont be sorry you've been through a rough time and your so young express yourself on here as much as you like ive found these forums a great help to be able to talk to other women who have been through the same.

Natalie Having the coil removed wasnt painful for me in the past but when they faild to put a new one in and i had to wait weeks for an appointment my body went all over the place and of course i went from having no periods to having one with the pain that normaly comes with it. They told me in the hospital if i have a bleed i wont know if its becouse of the lletz or coil. Its been a little tricky with my 2 girls but luckily there old enough to do most things them selves so its just getting them to school was an issue as i dont drive. If im still having pain by monday i will phone as it would have been a week by then. My treatment was unexpected as after the colposcopy and biopsy the nurse said i lookd mild and wouldnt be called back but then my result was cin2 and i had to have lletz so was a bit shocked xx

Hi. Im new to this! (Fist ever)

I would like to begin by saying Thankyou soo much for this link.. It has help ease a lot off worry tonight.. 

I got Lletz on Wednesday 4 days ago and ever since have been experiencing extreme pain and lots off bright red blood. Feeling very shake light headed and genuinely unwell. I'm soo glad I had this week off work and my two kids had half term off school..

I have had 3 abnormal smear results then on third results I received a letter with an appointment for colposcopy the next again week.. When I arrived the consultant didn't have my right notes,, nurse didn't have right tools I had wait (legs in air) while 3 dif nurses came into room to talk to consult in full view. Was awfull experience and I don't normally get shy often. 

The consultant explained to me I was in seveare stage of abnormalities and he would remove them and take a biopsy. Aftercare was good I got to wait for 30 mins and have a cup of tea.. While nurse explained everything I'd should not do afterwards..

Since being home I have been in soo much pain and I have a high pain threshold the brightNess of the blood is worrying also. 

Iv had coil removed twice befor this would be my third and never experienced and pain on removel, only after getting it in that's be slightly discomforting..

Sorry for going on..

Hey Jess

I suggest you start a new thread in the "newly diagnosed" section. then you will get lots of advice relevant to you. I was diagnosed on aug 21st and had to have an MRI and internal examination to confirm my staging - i was confirmed as stage 1b1. I had a radical hysterectomy on Thursday and I was discharged yesterday. Waiting for results is very definitely the worst part of all this. I am a mum of 2 kids (aged 9 and 5) and I was absolutely terrified for them. Stay positive Xxx

Hi stephyscott115

Its nice to hear off someone else whos had this treatment and had a coil removed i had some bright red bleeding after the colposcopy but not after lletz i would consult your doctor if i was you to be on the safe side expecialy that your getting light headed too. Ive felt unwell ive had the feeling of sickness but havent been sick and i havent had a great appetite last week i am feeling a little better today the pain has eased a bit from what its been which is good xx

Hope your all ok i feel worse today so waiting for a call back of my doctor to make sure what im feeling is normal x


hey caz, hope you're feeling better, and that your appetite has returned


I let it lie over the weekend rested but it got worse... tried to go to work this morning but they sent me home. decided rather than call up the doctor again I would call up my colposcopy clinic and they told me right away that from the pelvic pain I have an infection and said the doctor should have really given me antibiotics for it. if I was you I would chat to your clinic about it. they know a lot more about the after-care and what to expect and what not to expect.... according to my clinic pelvic pain isn't meant to be experienced especially so long afterwards. hope you get it sorted so you can get back to normal!! 


let me know what your docs say... good luck xx



Hi natalie 

I did think of calling the clinic but thought id wait to hear of my doctor as i cant get to the clinic if they ask me to come in. Ive not long come back from doctors and i have an infection too so im on antibiotics. Its not good that the doctor didnt give it to you in the first place hope you start to feel better soon,  i feel rather sick at the moment xx

So glad that you are all sorted and hopefully  on the mend! All I have to worry about is work but you have children  which is what I would class as a nightmare scenario right now!!!

I have never watched so many chick flicks to try and pick myself up! Try and relax and let the antibiotics do their job! This website has kept me sane this last week :S xx

I hope work is understanding with you and hope you dont have to rush back in and get to give yourself time to heal. Im glad i dont have to worry about work but ive been lucky my girls have been great just been hard to hide how bad ive been, as my youngest has been worryd about me so been trying to reasure her that im ok.

This site has helped me loads its really good talking to other women who have been through the same. ive given up with tv and been reading my kindle with music on my mind is kept busy then happy days xx

Hi Natalie

How are you feeling now? Are you back in work? Im feeling better than what ive been, i dont get much pain now but still getting a discharge but more myself now just fed up of pads!! I hope you are ok, let me know how your getting on xx