New here : Loop biopsy

Hi everyone,


I'm new to this forum but it was suggested by my hospital nurse. I'm 25 years old and my first smear test has lead me to be here today.

I've just had a loop biopsy on Thursday and now waiting for results.

I just assumed everything would be fine because I'm young but haven't considered what happens if the results aren't great.

Any advice / comments welcome Laughing

x Elaine x

Hi Elaine!  Just reading your signature, almost the same as me!  Waiting is the really agitating part isn't it?  I just got my loop results on thursday, but I rang the colp dept to get them because they said if they don't come within 4 weeks that you can do that.  Things seem to move pretty slow!  Hopefully they got all the bad bits out, and I hope you get good results too!

All of this feels like a long process but we have to remember the reason for it all, and it's a very good reason!

Hugs, and take it easy!

Hiya the waiting drives you mad I had Lletz done on Wednesday 

under GA and they said it would be a few weeks for the results I did have a biopsy done previous 

to the Lletz which showed CIN3 so I'm presuming that's what my Lletz will show too 

although I have read that the Lletz results can come back different to the actual biopsy results xx

Hi Elaine,

I've been having a watch of your You Tube videos - it's a fantastic idea! I look forward to watching some more :)

Sorry you've had to come here. There's plenty of support on offer from the ladies.

I've got my fingers crossed for you and your results. Ever since I went 25 (i'm 27 now), I've had abnormal smears. I've been for colposcopy 3 times now and each time my results are either 'inflammation only' or 'viral changes'. I notice your biopsy results were inflammation only. What was the reason your doctor recommended treatment?

Sarah xx



Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your kind words.

The doctor said she took the results from the punch biopsy to the board meeting with all the specalist doctors and they agreed that treatment would be the best option

I was very unsure and didnt sleep for a week, cried for most of that too lol silly i know, with the fear of possible fertility problems

if i have the treatment but according to the nurse this doc is the best in the country and wouldn't have said have the treatment

if she didnt believe it was required so i went on their advice.. waiting for the results feels like a never ending battle

and to top it off on the same week as all of this, my sister (older) announced she was pregnant.. although I'm happy it's like a huge

blow to us as have been struggling TTC for years.