New here - Cone Biopsy

Hi all so this is me


Was told I tested high for HPV. Was sent for a gyn visit where I received a colposcopy and biopsy in the same day. Got a call a week later that I needed an endometrial biopsy. Said I have abnormal cells, but said not to worry just yet. 


I went for the endometrial biopsy and a week later the doctor's urgency peaked. She said they would need to excise the abnormal area. From what she's seen, it hasn't spread but they need to do a cone biopsy. So I'm going under General anesthesia to have a cone and D & C. Also and ultrasound before that. 


Is this standard or is there something She isn't telling me? When will I receive an official diagnosis?


I've been dealing with 3-4 periods a year or sometimes extended periods. Cramping and terrible back pressure, sometimes so bad it goes to my legs. Exhausted and out of breath constantly. Foul discharge.



Hi Ladyt25


I am sorry I cannot answer your questions as I have only had a LLETZ procedure and still waiting on my results however I just wanted to say I am thinking of you and hope you get some answers soon.


Maybe try the colposcopy forum for answers?


Love and Light


Thank u lottied. Hope your biopsy is negative, hun. Mine came back severely abnormal/atypical. Which led to this impending cone biopsy in November. My results have come back within a week ... Twice already.