* New here * CIN2

Hi Everyone

Firstly i just wanted to say what a massive help this website has been to me over the past 3 months.

I was called for a routine smear test in August 2016, I had my had my first letter while i was on my period and the second one came about 2 weeks later. So i booked my appointment for the next day. As much as i dislike having it done i just wanted to get it out of the way quickly and then be able to forget about it for another few years… well thats what i thought anyway haha.
After the nurse took the swabs she said all looked fine so i left the surgery with no worries at all that was until my results came through.

On 2nd September 2016 i received a letter with results saying The lab found some abnormal cells called high grade (severe) dykaryosis. I also got a letter with my Colposcopy appointment. Of course i was upset i started to do the annoying thing of looking on the dreaded web as to what it was i had wrong. Then i found this site and i have to say although i am now just registering reading the forums of women going through the same thing has helped me so much so i want to thank each and every one of you beautiful ladies for helping me keep my sanity through everything.

Moving on to the Colposcopy. I was slightly nervous but the nurses did an amazing job of calming me down. During the Colposcopy the consultant had trouble finding my cervix at first which was a little uncomfortable. Eventually she found them and noticed the abnormal cells were at the bottom of my cervix in an awkward postion which made it difficult and extremely painful and reduced me to tears as she tried to take biopsies. She had to press down to achieve this which then resulted in me having to cauterised as when one of the samples were taken it was attached to a vessel. Following the procedure i was told i may be recalled for treatment under general anaesthetic once the results of the biopsies came back.
During the wait i was in a lot of pain in my groin. Everytime i sat down and stood up it would send shooting pains. Im not sure if it was an infection or just bruising from Colposcopy. I went to my GP who wasnt much help, she just gave me co-codamol and said that should help the pain (it never did) she also said i had a UTI and gave me antibiotics for 3 days which never helped either.

Anyways on the 4th October i got my results the hospital called me explaining everything. My results showed CIN2 so i required treatment.
They called back a few days later to set the dates for my pre-op 13/10 and my treatment 25/10.

Pre-op was fine just standard tests, blood tests, blood pressure, height, weight etc and them asked general health questions ( was so confused when she asked how many pillows i sleep with lol)

Will post again about treatment