New here - borderline results + cervical cyst

Last August during a sexual health checkup a “larger than normal” cyst was found on my cervix and they made me stress out and put me through for referral.
Come October I went to Chelsea and Westminster hospital where I saw a good gynae who just looked at it and said it seemed fine and if I get any other symptoms to come back.
She did a smear test too.

Unfortunately they didnt collect enough cells and so I had to wait 3 months for another smear.
Nothing further was done regarding my cyst.

I had my smear test at my local clinic and got my results faster than normal.
I have a borderline result abnormal cells found and they found HPV.

I received a letter for end of march for colposcopy but not wanting to wait that long I’ve been fortunate enough that my mums friend wants to pay for me to have a colposcopy privately. But if I need treatment I hope nhs will see me.

Anyway… I’m nearly 25 and I hope they check out my cyst this time too!

My mum had CIN3 with successful treatment a few years ago.

Has anyone else here had a cervical cyst plus HPV plus a borderline smear result?

Thanks everyone

Just to top it off I’ve just seen my letter with my colposcopy appointment NHS and it has a note saying: “your recent smear test result has also shown that an infection has been isolated. Your GP has been informed of this and you should make an appointment to see your doctor for this to be treated (if required) prior to your treatment”

I called my health centre and doctor cannot call me till Monday.

Surely this means the HPV virus they found?!

Hi L88' 

Sorry that you've had to come to this place but its a great source of support. I don't know what to say about the cyst other than make sure you mention it when u gto back. The infection they talk about is unlikely to be the HPV as there is no treatment for could be something like thrush 



As Megan said, the infection is most likely to be a urine infection or thrush or something of that nature - really very easy to treat with antibiotics and nothing to worry about. It can't be the HPV - HPV is not an infection and is not treatable anyway. 

Please don't place too much importance on there being HPV present in your result. Everyone gets HPV at some point and, if you've got abnormal cells then you would have to have HPV anyway - it's the uncleared HPV that leads to cell abnormalities in the first place. In your case, you've got a 'borderline' result, which means mild abnormalities - in this situation, it's extremely unlikely that there is anything sinister to worry about and this will be very easy to treat. 

Cervical cysts are common. You can be reassured by the gynaecologist who looked at it and was not at all worried. They don't usually 'treat' them because there is no need to as they're usually harmless and don't cause any problems. 

I suspect the reason your colposcopy isn't until the end of March is because of the recency with which you've had your smear. As you know, if you have to have a repeat smear, you have to wait three months for the cells to regrow and for the area to heal, to enable them to get a clear sample. They will need this to be the case at your colposcopy. If you wait until the end of March, it's more likely that they will be able to see your cervix more clearly, be able to identify where the abnormal cells are and treat them there and then. Paying for it to be done sooner could just end up with you having to go back anyway because they will have to wait until they can properly see what they are treating. If you want to be sure of this, ask your GP when you go on Monday if this is the reason why the colposcopy appointment isn't until then. 

I know it's frustrating, but try not to worry. 

Annabel. x

Its more likely that they are saying that you have an infection on your cervix and will need to see your GP as you will likely need antibiotics. 

by the way guys it was gardnerella? cells found so basically BV i had a course of antiobiotics for 1 week and all seems fine now

Hi I'm back again!

So after that coloposcopy in March I got my smear results he did which were the same and also claimed I have high risk HPV.

September I went for another smear at my GP's.

Results had progressed to mild dyskaryosis.

Today I had a colposcopy at Basildon hospital and it was SO quick. He saw my cyst and I looked at it too. He said it was normal and common.

The colposcopy was clear. I was really amazed and asked how is it possible for cells to go from mild dyskaryosis to clear in a month?

Has anyone else had this?... He told me to have another smear in 3 years! No way am I waiting 3 years. Will have to pay and have one done next year.