New here, bit lost and worried what I should do!

I went to a fertility doc yesterday as we were trying for our final baby and it wasn’t happening. She advised that my smear was well overdue and had I had anything unusual going on?
Well I have been having pain during sex on and off since beginning of last year, loads (I mean loads) of watery discharge - I went to gp in December who put me on antibiotics for infection but the results were all clear. Last four months I have been spotting on and off through the month which I have never had. I put it down to hormones being off and had a blood test a few weeks ago that showed all was normal.
Anyway, I hadn’t put all these things together until she asked me yesterday :frowning: my daughter had life saving surgery (age 11) in January and I just…ignored what was going on with me.
So that is the rant over with, questions to follow:
I had a smear yesterday as well as loads of swabs to check for infection(again?!). I bled during smear which has not happened before and doc was concerned about the level of discharge because I have just finished my period.
Would the smear definitely pick something up or should I ask for a colposcopy?

I didn’t go to her because I thought I had cancer…I went because (for some reason) we weren’t falling pregnant. I hadn’t thought my symptoms were odd until she gave me that look…but now everything seems a bit off.
So, to wait and see or go see gp and explain my concerns??
Any replies gratefully received xx

Hi there, new here too! 

a colposcopy (from my knowledge) is definitely  more accurate than a pap smear - but a Pap smear will/should detect any bad cells that might be sitting there - if there are, a colposcopy will follow. I guess that's just the process.

I'm not an expert by any means, but I would try and find anothsr obgyn? You need someone straight to be straight with you and help you! Not give you judgemental looks and cryptic advice. 

Trust that your doctor will do the best thing for you or find another gyno. All the best to you xxx hugs