New here & Biopsy Results now LLETZ

 Hello :3 I'm new here and idk..... anxious.

I went in for a pap smear, I had requested this because for about 2 years now I have been having a achey pain feeling in my pelvic area on both sides. Sometimes it tends to be on one side more than the other but, for the most part it is on both sides. I have also started having swollen ankles every now and then and can literally eat once a day because I feel full I usually only eat another meal because.... I know I need to, I also have lower back pain, not all the time but it's becoming more prevelant.  Since I was small I have always had constipation issues and with that have been diagnosed with IBS in my adulthood. I've had a colonoscopy, been to different GI doctors, etc.

I went to my OB/GYN appt. for my pap smear, I tell her about the achey pain feeling in my pelvis, she feels around does the pap smear and says everything looks fine. I believe maybe a week or two weeks later I get a call notifying me that my results are showing abonormal pap smear and that I need to have a colposcopy done. I also look up my results of my pap smear on patient portal ( where you can look at your results from tests/blood work/etc online) and it shows High-Risk HPV and ASC-H. I start to look up what that means........ bad idea. So I have to wait at least 3 weeks until Colposcopy appt.

I had the colposcopy appt. and Dr. explains that I have ASCUS and explains that it is low grade and we probably won't see much. While doing the exam I ask about a CA-125 test and she suggests an trans-vaginal ultrasound just to put my mind at ease because my ovaries feel fine, etc. During the colposcopy she says she doesn't see much and takes 4 biopsies.

A week later exactly, I look up patient portal again because I can be an anxious person. The results are on there the night before and I get a call from my Drs nurse the next day. Two of the sites she took biopsies from were clear, the other two biopsies showed CIN 3 and CIN 2/3, they asses the full thickness ( from the report they can't tell which one because superficial erosion )

Now I have to come in for LLETZ, but not until Dec. 6th. Do they normal do a biopsy when they do the LLETZ? Are they going to find something else? 

I also had the transvaginal US in which I was told everything looked normal, now I'm just wondering why I have this pain in between my periods? It probably happens during my pd as well, but my cramps are horrible, similar to contractions. So it all hurts during a pd.....



Hi, it sounds like you‘re being well looked after. Good that It’s only CIN2/3, which can be easily treated with a LLETZ. When they perform a LLETZ, the tissue that is removed will be analysed to make sure the original diagnosis was correct, and that they managed to get ‘clear’ margins of normal cells. 

Could the mid cycle pain be ovulation pain? Before my hysterectomy, I used to get fairly painful mid cycle pain, which felt like bad period pain and inhibited my day, lasted for a day or two. I put this down to ovulation, which seems more likely now that it has been confirmed that my pelvis was visiually normal, and the path result on womb and cervix showed only hpv abnormal changes only.

Hi I agree it sounds like they are ticking all the boxes of the kind of experience most of us have had. The lletz is treatment aswell as a more detailed biopsy, they will send it for testing to ensure they got clear margins. My biopsy results were inconclusive and final results came from the lletz procedure.


charlene xx

Thank you for the response! :3

The pain I have actually lasts until I come on my period, it's probably through my period as well. I have strong cramps so, I wouldn't be able to tell if they stop or keep going, because everything hurts.

Thank you for your response as well :3

Oh okay, I'll just wait for the lletz appt.