New here asking for advice -should I be worried

Ok sorry if I’m not even posting this on right section.
Here goes.
I have a prolapse from my son’s birth (2yrs ago) due to forceps. It is mild but still a pain. Anyway I came to notice I could see almost like cigarette burn up in my vagina. I went to see a doc who said it was haematoma and just keep eye on it that was a month ago. I’ve been spotting past couple days and I’m sore so I checked it again. The bleeding seems to be coming from this this I can see it isn’t black now more red and it’s changed. Any idea what this is. I’m so worried. Can it only be haematoma. There no gps open today due to Easter so I can get tomoro. I’m doing my own head in thinking the worst. Any advice ? Sorry if any spelling mistakes nursing a sick toddler

Hi ain sorry to hear what you are going through. I have only just seen your post. How did you get on with the doctor? Hope all went well!!