new here and confused doc phoned with results

Hi everyone im Jo 34 mum to four kiddywinks ,need some advice as im worrying myself sick. I had smear about nine days ago when she done it she said some odd things like my cervix just popped out at her ! Usually they have to get me put hands under my bum to tilt my pelvis for it to appear anyways she just muttered to herself then told me I was all done but I was bleeding a bit, I went home and had a bit of light bleeding then next day started having clots about marble size coming out then my period a week early have been suffering awful periods for past year they last two days and it pours out of me with rather large clots golf ball size changing my pads and tampon every hour for two days then its finished very strange, I just had a bad feeling about this smear I've had a awful disharge for ages too I've had swabs treated it as bv thrush but nothing works which has made me self conscious , so I've just been pondering past nine days waiting for the letter but instead I got a phone call off gp asking if I had received a letter ?? I replied no he said please don't worry but we have had your smear test results back cell changes you need an urgent referal for a colscopy the hospital will be in touch asap with a appointment its a bit of a blur what he said as I didn't expect a phone call and he said its being treated as suspected cancer o need a biopsy, I thought we got the results by letter explaing the grade of cell changes etc I've always had normal so this is my first abnormal one, got off phone call to gp then hospital phoned they want me in colscopy clinic Thursday. I got my letter today off the smear people that stated I should of had a phone call to discuss my results and a urgent hospital referal, my mind is in overtime I can't sleep feel sick would the gp of told me if it was cancer or do they have to play it down thank you for taking the time to read this and letting me get it all out xxx

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im not in the business of beating round the bush. It doesn't sound great. My GP knew right at the start mine was Cancer ( this was confirmed in a letter to her from my cons) but they cannot say. It's not their job, and if they got it wrong you would quite rightly be furious with them. So she has done the right thing by referring you urgently for colposcopy. I knew instinctively the news wasn't great, especially when the gp rang me at home. But hey, that's me not you! 

If there is any suspicion of Cancer you need to be seen in two weeks. That's the protocol. 

The right things are happening, and happening quickly, I will keep my fingers crossed that it all turns out to be something else, like high grade precancerous cells. Ask me anything you can think of either here or by PM if you think if will help. 


Hello try not to worry, I had a letter from my results for the hospital saying I should of had a call of the gp regarding my results, I was told my glandular cells had changed and was suspected cc. I've had a biopsy but with glandular cells it's harder to see, but cin cells are easier at a colposcopy and will get more answers. Don't worry :) xx

I'm sorry your dealing with this. 

My gp told me I have cc based on my pap smear results and I was to have a colposcopy within a week.  I couldn't get an appointment gor 2 weeks, the night before my colposcopy my period started so they couldn't do it.  So I had to wait another 3 weeks for an appointment to have it done so 5 weeks from results of bad pap to colposcopy which is Thursday 22nd. I got my letter from the pap register which states high grade changes and urgent colposcopy, so my guess is that the Dr's get more info from the pathology report than we do if my gp can tell me I have cervical cancer but my letter states high grade changes.

A pap is a screening test not a diagnostic test. Follow the advice and do what needs to be done is all I can say. I'm a mum of 3 and I have been dwelling on this for 4 weeks now and it's not making things better. Please don't stress. Your dr seems pn top of things and everything is moving a long 

Have you lady's got an answers? My situation sounds very similar. 

hi mrsharney I get my results tomorrow will keep you updated one of the girls on here has had hers but no cgin showed on here colposcopy so there having a mdt meeting mid November xx

How did you get on jojo186? Xx 

Hiya sorry only just saw this I've not been on for few days I got my results back there still not clear no cancer but still glandular cells so there having a Mdt meeting this week and my results being discussed for further treatment have a app week tomorrow to discuss it all how are you any joy on.your results yet ?? Xx


So glad there wasnt any cancer and there trying to get you sorted. Keep me updated. Nothing my end yet. Xx