New Here and awaiting leep procedure

Hi everyone,Im new on here after picking up a leaflet from the Drs and Im glad I have found this site!

I have had 2 abnormal smears after 2 years of infections and pelvic pain, at last the Dr listened to me, and I had my last smear which showed CIN 3, booked in for a leep but broke my leg and had a blood clot so was unable to have procedure!! I now have a date at the end of August and am really worrying.Im smear and punch biopsy hurt like hell and I know the leep is going to be painful.

I have started having more pain in my pelvis and discharge has increased, is this normal or just an infection? Is it common for you to be diagnosed with Canncer after the leep?

Sorry for the questions and having a moan!

I would be grateful of any advise, I haven't really got anyone to talk to, my husband does his best but I dont want to pile it all onto him.

After reading all the messages I have become a little more positive.Smile

Its so easy to fall into a pit of despair and think the worst, which makes you cry and just gives you a bigger headache!!Undecided


Thank you and take care everyone x x x


Hello!! :slight_smile:

Can’t offer much advice really… But I just wanted to give you abit of reassurance about the leep procedure…

I’ve always found smear/sti checks really uncomfortable… And when I had my colposcopy and biopsies taken it wasn’t great either… So like you I was dreading the Lletz!! But actually I found it ok! They gave me a local Anesthetic first which was just abit pinchy then I felt nothing!!
I wasn’t in any pain or discomfort afterwards either :slight_smile: didn’t have pain killers or anything… So try not to worry too much… I know, easier said than done :wink:

Em xx

Hi there. I had the LEEP procedure two hours ago. Like many I looked up all the horror stories last night and was very nervous about today. I had no need to worry at all! I had the procedure at my local hospital. The staff were fab, they talked to me throughout to distract me which worked wonders, I was on my own but it was absolutely fine. The procedure starts off similar to colposcopy. They they inject local anaesthetic on the cervix. This is mildly uncomfortable. Within 30 secs tops was no longer in any discomfort. The next part (removing part if the cervix) took about 5-10 minutes. I felt very mild pressure/cramping. Aside from a slight sting of the injection, the procedure is no more uncomfortable than colposcopy. They told me to put my feet up for the rest of the day and gave me a leaflet to take with me. Please ladies DO NOT worry about the procedure, it really is fine. I felt I had to post my thoughts/experiences somewhere online because most stories are from people with very rare negative experiences. backstory - I had a borderline smear, then a colposcopy with CIN3 cells found. I have been told after LEEP I will now need another smear in 6 months to check all went well. I also asked to see what they removed and it looked about the size if a square of chocolate. The anaesthetic works wonders and that initial sharp sting is all you need to get past. Please relax and don't worry everyone! good luck x