New gyno?


I'm based in Switzerland, where everyone is under a semi private medical insurance.

This means we can choose doctors (good) but also means there's very few 'specialised' clinics, or any sort of guarantee of the doctor you're getting... Language barrier (my French is OK, but not good enough to discuss complex medical issues) is not helping.


October- Smear, abnormal, straight to mini biopsy (no colposcopy! Didn't realise that this was not normal!). HPV 16 AND 18 (how lucky is that?!), CIN1, high grade changes. PCOS. Told to come back in 6 months. Didn't panic, didn't do much research, trusted the guy implicitly.

May- back for a retest (and to get BC prescription). The guy has no idea who I am, asks me whether I'm here to try to get pregnant, doesn't have my history (even though I did the last test through him), is incredibly patronising (I think the language barrier makes him assume I'm some sort of clueless immature child!). Does normal smear- I ask him whether any need for further biopsy. Asks why. I tell him of the results from last time, he seems confused. Then the conversation turns to whether I'd like plastic surgery to deal with some scarring on my breast tissue- turns out he's a specialist in 'cosmetic medicine', including vaginal bleaching, lipo, etc...? Ask him about the PCOS he saw last time, he tells me 'a little inflamed, but looks good'.

I give up. Leave, waiting for smear results, have no idea what to do after.

Pretty angry- not sure if justified or if this is normal in some way? Also not getting very far finding reputable gynos in Geneva- there doesn't seem to be much of a 'rating' culture.

Suppose the smear results will come back within a couple of weeks and they will see the results.  It's not ideal but the results will help break the language barrier hopefully......