New girl- Hi everyone,

Hello, just wanted to intoduce myself. Im kelly and im 25. Thought it would be a better idea to join forum rather than talking to family...not really the listening type to be honest. 

Kelly xxx

Hi Kelly, Just wanted to wish good luck with your LLETZ, hope all goes well. Fire any questions you might have or just have a good old natter :) how are you feeling? Tina x

Hi TinaP, thankyou for your message : ) There are a couple of little questions I have on my long are you under anesthetic for? How long was it until you could leave the hospital?

Im not actually worried about the procedure it self, but I do have a wierd feeling that there might be more than just CIN3 when they go to treat the area (I was told and could see the white cells cover the whole area of the cervix at colposcopy) but im sure its only natural to think about the 'what ifs'.  

Also this may seem daft but I have an introverted or concave cervix (not sure of the real term used to describe it) but it faces inwards, so does that make any difference for the LLETZ to get all the area? sure it probably doesn't, just thought I'd ask anyway. 

Kelly xxx

Hi Kelly,

I got to hospital for 7 am, was in an operating theater around 10 am both of times… The anesthetist gives you a little chat whilst you’re there, an injection and you out of it in no time. I woke up around 11ish and they took me back to the room. Everyone is different, but I was up and walking around at 12.30 and actually demolished the lunch! Who said that hospital food was bad, eh? However, when I came back for my second surgery and then after the 3rd one (I had to have some stitches after hemorrhage, silver things – sorry I’m not a doctor - didn’t work), the nurses made me giggle reminding me of some antics I’d done, like getting changed from the hospital gown to my normal cloths without actually bothering to draw the curtains and talking about feeling as if I’d just drunk 3 glasses of wine;). I was out of hospital by 6pm, did feel brilliant day after though, no side effects from GA. However, from what you’re saying it sounds like they will be taking quite a big chunk out and they took quite a large part of my cervix out that second time, after they found CGIN. What I suggest, and this is only my personal opinion, don’t rush back to work. I did, both times. And I regretted it badly. Took the full 2 weeks off after the 3rd visit to hospital and just let my body recover.

I do know what you mean by that ‘weird feeling’ that there might be something else there… I think we’ve all had. I’m due a check up soon and to be honest I have that ‘weird feeling’ but I’m guessing it might be just my imagination getting ahead of me.

How bizarre you’ve mentioned retroverted cervix/ uterus - this is what I have as well, my period pains hardly ever involve tummy pain, it’s lower back, buttocks and back of my legs instead! I’m not sure if it makes any difference to LLETZ but I have experienced the period like pains after the procedure with only slight tummy cramping but terrible lower back and buttocks pain.

Best of luck hun!

Tina xxx

PS I found walking, gentle cycling helped me take my mind off it whilst waiting for the procedure itself and then the results…

Hey there,


I had LLETZ under GA on Tuesday and I'm doing fine. Feel a bit groggy from the GA but other than that it hasn't been too grim.


i do have cancer, but weirdly nothing showed on an MRI so they didn't want to over treat me. I thought I was having a cone biopsy but they were happy just doing LLETZ for now. I may need it again or a hysterectomy as I do have adrenosquamous cancer (both cell types).


Good luck  and let me know if you need any questions answering.


Jo x

Hi Jo,

Sorry to hear your news. Hope that LLETZ results are good and you don’t have to go through any further treatment.

Have they told you about the timescales of when will you get the news?

Thinking of you and keeping everything crossed for you

Tina x

Thankyou for the replies! 

Its good to hear other peoples experiences, especially if the start is similar at the beginning. xxx