New-feeling very worried

Hi everyone

I have posted in other forums but not had any replies as I tihnk my case is unique - anyway, here goes.

30 years old, first smeal 2009, clear.

2013 smear - mild abnormalities, sent for colposcopy, results came back fine, put back on 3 year recalls.

July 2014- started new relationship, Doctor put me on pop pill Cerazette.

Almost constant bleeding and brown discharge on this pill (or so I thought) until now...

Went for check up October 14, Doctor said continue with pill, takes time to settle down

Now - February 2015. I went back to the Doctor last week and explained bleeding/discharge still ongoing.

She says stop cerazette immediately and take Norethisterone to stop bleeding for a few days so she can examine cervix.

I went back yesterday and had to see a different Doc. She looks at cervix and says she is referring me for colposcopy straight away.Says she can see Etropian and my cervix looks red. I ask her about cervical cancer, say I am worried, and she says she cannot rule it out.

Colposcopy apt in Monday 2nd March. Im petrified. Have I left it too late? I thought the bleeding was due to the Cerazette. She asked if I had bled after sex and I have but always thought it was due to that stupid pill. I know feel like I have probably got cancer and it's all my fault, and the etropian news was w0rrying aswell - I guess my cervix is a mess.

Can anyone offer any advice?





Hi, try not to panic although I know it's scary. Firstly, you only had a smear and colposcopy in 2013 and theses abnormalities take a long time to develop into cancer so I bet you are just fine. Cervix's can be irritated by the hormones in the pill so it may be that. Or could just be some abnormal cells that they will remove no problem. PLease don't think the worst. The fact you were checked out less than 2 years ago really reduces your chances of it being anything too nasty. You definately haven't left it too late xxx

thank you for your words, I really hope you are right. The wait for the colposcopy is a nightmare and I know I will be petrified next monday and worried about what they will find and then more waiting for results and so on.  I keep thinking about other symtpoms Ive had (stomach issues) and at the time I put it down to IBS which I do have but what if it was something more sinister. I'm at work this week, trying to keep distracted but just feel like snapping at everyone or crying!

The wait is awful isn't it, when I was waiting for my urgent colposcopy last year it was hell. I couldnt stopped crying, I'd cry all the way to work in car and the way back. My GP had offered to sign me off but it definately helped being at work. Otherwise would have sat at home all day googling. Luckily I had less than a week to wait. Everything your feeling is normal, your def not alone. I'm sure your IBS is just that, our minds can drive us mad can't they. I'm due for another colposcopy today, it never gets easier! xx

Hi Carrie just wanted to say good luck. Doctors can never totally rule out cancer if there are symptoms, it doesn't mean it will be. I have bled after sex before and it wasn't anything bad. Your smear history isn't particularly worrying either so that's a positive. I would say try to stay calm and keep busy. I hope everything turns out fine and keep us posted. Xxx

Hi carrie,

I know from past experience that cervical erosion can be down to the pill. I was also on cerazette for 6 months and bled the whole time. I have no idea how i persevered for so long. I did think it was down to the cin3 cells they found at colposcopy but low and behold, the week after i came off the pill i stopped with the bleeding and my periods have been normal ever since. Even after having the lletz treatment. I think it is more likely to be down to that particular pill given your previous smears rather than anything sinister, im obviously not medically trained and cannot tell you 100percent that is what it is but it is good they are checking you out to be on the safe side as you do have some symptoms. I hope you go on okay xx


my smear 3 years ago was 100% normal, on this day they placed me on cerazette.  3 years later I have CIN3.At my smear this time they took 1 look at my cervix and siad it was swollen and they took me off Cerazette there and then. I was bleeding so badly through my smear that my dress was covered in blood and I had to lie down for about 20 minutes before I could stand. I dont seem to hear any good things about this mini pill and I am so glad I am no longer on it.

I have now convinced my firends and relatives to change pill and they too have been bleeding after sex and feel grotty.

I hope everything works out for you.

Much luck


Thank you everyone for your replies. It is safe to say I am driving myself mad with thinking about the Ectropian and how it is 'indistinguishable' fornm early stage cancer. I also keep thinking, why on earth did I let myself bleed for so long. I honestly thought it was the cerazette, as i had no previous symptoms prior to starting that pill.

Another thing that is on my mind - I thought it took 'years' for abnormal cells to change into cancerous ones. Is this not true? I had my last smear 18 months ago. Could things have changed so drastically in that time? If so, why arent we put on yearly smears instead?

To any ladies who were on cerazette and bleeding - do you think it caused your ectropian/erosion? And do you think it could have caused your abnormal cells?

I stopped taking cerazette a week ago and have been taking norethisterone to stop any bleeding until after my examinations/colposcopy. Apart from a constant headache and stomach cramps the bleeding/discharge has stopped and I currently 'normal' looking clear discharge. Im not sure whether to take any comfort from this.

Sorry for the rant, thank you for listening x

Hi Carrie :-)

What everybody else has said here is great, I just wanted to add one little thing about what you said in your first post up at the top. Please, don't ever blame yourself, and if anybody else is listening, please don't blame your boyfriends either. Cancer (if you get it) is just plain and simple bad luck.

Be lucky