New ethos machine

Afternoon ladies,
Recently diagnosed with 2B cc, have my treatment planning at radiotherapy tomorrow, anybody able to say how long this took and what to expect?
I’m also being the first in my hospital to use the new ethos radiotherapy machine for cervical cancer. It’s been used for other cancer types but not cervical. Feeling a bit nervous. Anybody else used this machine and got experience?

Feeling nervous to start treatment on the 8th April. Much appreciate hearing others stories.

Wishing you all the best with treatments & good health xx

@Ash92 i believe my planning / simulation took maybe an hour, and that’s with a 15m meeting with the nurse prior. It’s pretty straight forward. I am unfamiliar with an ethos machine. Maybe another lady here has some more information for you! Good luck. I am 2b and just finished treatment March 1. It’s totally doable and fortunately I’ve rebounded quickly. I hope the same goes for you

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Thanks for replying,
Aw that’s great news! Feeling nervous to get started but can’t wait so I count down the days too.
Hope you get good news we all wish for soon, x