New Dr 'can't find the entrance to my womb'

I had stage 1b1 CC back in 2013 and was very lucky to have it caught early and be given a radical trachylectomy. The op went well and I've been doing well since, but now that my husband and I are trying to conncieve we've hit a few snags and I'm desperately hoping for some outside opinions on it all. 

I'm not happy with the dr we've been seeing for the fertility side of things at all. I moved after the CC and the new dr did not seem to know anything about the kind of op I'd had. I gave him my notes which he said were not what he needed, and I'm honestly not sure if he called the old hospital to ask further questions. 

He proposed an exploratory laproscopy to look at my ovaries and tubes from the outside and a dye test to see if my tubes are clear on the inside. The op was a quick one and he found (what at the time he said was) endometriosis, and told me that I am polycystic. We also know that I am not ovulating.
My main problem though, is that he could not get past my cervical stitch. At first he said that he could not 'instrument' it(?) and then in a follow up appointment he claimed to not have been able to find the entrance to my womb at all. Considering that I know the knot of my cervical stitch is still visible, surely that must be wrong? To my mind it must be like a tiny little marker, like 'you're headed the right way to the womb', if you know what I mean?
He also said the endometriosis he origionally said was present, is not endo at all. 


I'm feeling like there are a lot of red flags with this dr... We've seen him multiple times, and everuy time he introduces himself as if we've never met, even on the morning of my operation. He refuses to discuss any treatment options other than that he wants to repeat attempt the dye test (am I mad in being very nervous about this? He comes across as just wanting to have another crack at it for the sake of it?) If I mention clomid or ovulation inducing drugs he brishes me off with 'we need to get this operation done before we can look at that, to ascertain if IVF will be possible.' 
Why are we jumping straight to IVF? I have a regular cycle so we know there is a functioning opening in my cervix. If my issue is lack of ovulation, why are we not trying drugs before jumping to IVF stuff? The multiple operations seem excessive to me. 
He also has given me NO information on the poly ovaries, nothing about diet, long term issues associated with it... Nothing. If I ask him questions he somehow blusters through not answering them and then says 'I'll see you on X date for X appointment. Thank you.' 
When I told him I had an allergic reaction to the steri strips after my last op, he did not even look up from his notes, let alone ask to check the wound site and how it had healed. 
Genrally I just get the impresson from him that he doesn't care; and now I have his scretary hounding me to change the op date to sooner... I'm so stressed! :( 

I it OK to up and change Drs just like that? I know a hospital a little further away from us has a wonderful reputation and even thinking about this man just makes me want to cry. I feel like he's looking at me as a piece of meat and not a real human being. I wish I could get hold of my CC keyworker but she's so difficult to contact. I know she's busy and I'm not upset at her for that at all, but it would be lovely to have a bit of a chat about it all. 


Hi there, this sounds really upsetting. You have to go with your gut. If this doctor is making you uncomfortable and you're not happy with the level of care then you should absolutely get a different opinion. 

I had the same stage cancer and treatment as you and had many problems after because of scarring and the entrance to my womb being very difficult to locate. It actually scarred shut but if you're having periods it doesn't sound like you have that issue. 

In the end they could only find it when a sonographer was present at the same time as the surgeon so she could scan while he was doing procedure.

My advice having been through similar, and ultimately through fertility treatment is to trust your instincts and if something doesnt feel right then you absolutely have the right to take control of the situation. You know your body better than anyone. So don't feel bad about asklong for a second opinion from someone else. I was told by a doctor at a highly regarded fertility clinic that I would never be able to carry children. But I got a second opinion and found a doctor who i really trusted and I now have 3 children! It wasn't quick or easy but obviously it was worth it.

I know that it is really difficult when you just want to get on with things and get pregnant but the words of my fertility doctor never left me - it's a marathon not a sprint. 

Wishing you lots of luck and please don't hesitate to message me if you want to ask anything.

take care 

I would also urge you to write to PALS with your concerns so they can look into it and prevent anyone else having similar poor experiencies with this doctor.