New Diagnosis

Hi everyone

I'm new on here, and at the moment... Completely freaked out!!

i had an an abnormal smear about 2 months ago, was called into the colposcopy clinic and 4 punch biopsies were done then 2 weeks ago had the leep procedure done.. However i was called into see my consultant 2 days ago, and given the news that I have early stage cervical cancer... Although I've not yet had my MRI which is scheduled for 2 weeks.... so how can they tell?! And they say I have to wait 2 weeks for the site of my leep procedure to heal??? and whether I need treatment and what kind...

Has anyone had any experience with this? I hate waiting, its all I seem to have been doing. And all anyone told me was not to worry! This seems ridiculous! 

Thanks to anyone that can shed any light 

Emma x


Hey Emma,

I’m so sorry you’ve had this diagnosis, I hope you’re getting on ok. It’s very hard waiting fo results and appointments and a total rollercoaster of emotions.

It’s important that your cervix heals before the MRI otherwise you can have an inconclusive result if there is scar tissue present.

From the lletz they will have been able to get some gage on the size of the affected area which could be why the consultant said early stage. The MRI will help them get further clarification on this too. Mine was early stage and my MRI showed up normal so I was ok to then proceed to having surgery.

Not worrying is impossible, but it’s worth trying to relax and do things you enjoy at the moment. I found writing a journal helped with the emotional side of things too.

I hope the MRI goes well, keep us posted on the results and please ask if you have any questions.

Take care


Thanks for replying Jo. I’ve got my MRI scheduled for 2 weeks now, I’m just so fed up of waiting for everything! there seems to be no urgency!! But maybe that’s a good thing?!
They’ve not mentioned surgery to me… how come you had to have surgery even though your MRI was clear?! Everything is so confusing! And everyone is dealt with differently. It makes me more anxious!

This page is incredible though, makes me feel alot better about things, it’s hard to talk to people that you’re trying to be strong for!

Thanks again :slight_smile: xx

Hey Emma,

Legally they have to start your treatment within 49 days of your initial cancer diagnosis. I was lucky to get a cancellation for my MRI but I waited 4 weeks between the lletz and the hysterectomy.

Everyone’s journey is a bit different as to how they get to know which treatment is suitable. In my case the cervix looked like I had adenosquamous cancer so I had an MRI. This was clear, but obviously a tumour was present in the cervix for it to have shown up on the biopsies. So off I went for lletz under GA where they hoped to remove all of the tumour. It’s showed I actually had just squamous type CC. However, sadly they couldn’t remove it all so I had to have a Radical Hysterectomy.

This won’t necessarily be the same outcome for you so try not to read too much in to it or jump too far ahead before you know for certain. Easier said than done!

It can take a while for them to piece everything together, I went from ‘argh I’ve got cancer’ to ‘it’s tiny cancer’ to ‘oh crumbs I need a big operation’ then back to final diagnosis of stage 1B1 cancer. All from 7th feb to 8th April.

That’s just my case though and everyone is different, plus different NHS trusts deal with things a bit differently too.

A couple of helpful things you can do is talk to your support/cancer/Macmillan nurse as much as you need to. Also be aware they may only have MDT meetings, where the consultants meet up, once per week. So sometimes you have to wait until this has taken place before you know what’s going on.

The waiting seems like an eternity when all you want to know is what will happen and when will you know for sure. I think we all understand this very well.


Thank you so much for sharing your exerience with me & for your kind words!
Finally got a date for my MRI so at least I’ve got something I can see coming!!
The MDT meeting is tomorrow so i think I’ll call my Macmillan nurse Friday just to help put my mind at rest!

Thanks again :slight_smile: