New diagnosis

i recieved my letter just the other saying that i have slighty abnormal cells with borderline changes. I also have an hpv infection. I am waiting on an appointment for a colposcopy. Im totally freaking out any advice please. Already thinking i have cancer 

Hey I've just gone through exactly the same thing ....had colposcopy 5 weeks ago still awaiting biopsy results! 

Rang Drs today to try chase them up and she basically told me everything looks ok on the lab results but I've not had a letter confirming this yet !

I've basically spent 5 weeks convinced I'm dying of cancer !

It's such a stressful time but it's not always as bad news as you think its gonna be.

Hope you're ok x

Thankyou just recieved my appiontment in the post to go for my colposcopy so at least get it over and done with soon. Yes its just the waiting and not knowing. I hope your results are good sending my love to you 

I haven't actually still got the letter but i spoke to the Dr Secretary at the hospital and apparently i should receive it tomorrow.

She told me it says I'm discharged and need to get a smear in a years time.

Hope your colposcopy goes ok...let me know how you get on ...sending love x

As soon as i know anything ill let you know asap. Thankyou for your support. I hope you get your letter soon and you can rest easy x