New diagnosis

Diagnosed with cervical cancer on 04/03/2019. And found out two days ago that I’m stage 2b, cancer has spread to the left side tendon. Was so gutted that I will not be having everything removed but after being explained to as to why this won’t be happening I’ve come round to the treatment route. And so ready to get started. Had got myself in a good head space and then today was contacted by the clinical nurse specialist to say that I will be contacted early next week to go for a PET scan to check further. This has really put me back as I thought they had all the information and new exactly where the cancer is. Is this standard practice for stage 2b and do I have anything to worry about?

Hi Allana

sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I’m not a 2b girl myself I was diagnosed 1b in December last year but I had to go for a PET scan as well. I think it’s pretty standard and it’s more of a case of them just making sure they give you the best treatment they can. It’s a good way to check that the lymph nodes aren’t affected as well. I know it’s easier said than done but I’d try not to worry about it. 

Alice xx

Yes this is very standard.    They do not usually give you your staging until after the PET scan.    This scan will enable them to see if there is any spread.   If their is this will not alter your treatment it is just so they know where to target the radition field.   I am a 2B girl and am five years down the line so any questions feel free to ask XX       Good luck with your treatment XX


Im 2b and this is standard practice to see if and where there is any further spread! Pet scan is nothing to worry about. It’s bascially a CT scan but they give you a radiactive substance via a cannula to illuminate anything that’s cancerous. The whole appointment takes two hours as you have to sit still for an hour before the scan so is more boring than anything else!

I’m only just a few weeks further along than you in terms of diagnosis and just about to start my treatment on Monday. So if I can be of any help to you please just let me know xx  

Hi Allana - I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. The PET scan is very important for your radiation as the doc needs to know if it’s in your lymph nodes. My lymph nodes lit up a bit so they hit them to be safe. 

I had 6 weeks daily external radiation, weekly chemo and 4 weeks of internal radiation (brachytherapy). Once you get your treatment plan let us know if you have any questions. We’re here to help!

Just here to cheer you along Allana :-)

I was a 2b seven years (+ some) in a place where PET scans and MRIs were never available. And here I am now! Goodness me! Fit as a fiddle :-) You're going to be just fine :-)

Be lucky :-)