New diagnosis and still in shock

Hi everyone.  

I've recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer. About 5 weeks ago I started to bleed, which was quite a surprise as I'd had a hysterectomy 11 years ago.. they had left my cervix during the operation.

I've had CAT PET and MRI scans and finally saw the oncologist today. He said that the tumour is too big to operate on, which was the scariest bit !

He suggested an intensive course of six and a half weeks radiotherapy ( 5 days a week )and a chemotherapy treatment on one of those days each week.

He also concentrated on telling me all the awful side effects that can happen.

Although my tumour is large it doesn't seem to have spread and is not attached to my bowel. There was a little area of pelvic lymph node lit up but he said that was not to worry about.

Another worry is that my cervical smear test came back clear in November 2016 so this must be very fast growing!

I think I took on board that treatment should start within two weeks and that I need another scan to plot the position for the radiotherapy. Also if my haemoglobin level isn't high enough I'll need a transfusion.

I've just joined as I feel it might help to talk to others in a similar position.

My stage was 3b my smear  was  2 n half  yrs old  when  diagnosed  started  having  bleeding  6 months  prior to being  diagnosed  i needed 2 blood transfusions  good  luck  with  ur treatment fingers crossed  4 u

Thanks Helpme. Have you had your treatment now ? 

Yes finished  it  on 9 th March  i had  chemo rads  n brachy my kidneys were  not  draining  so had  bilateral nephostomys in had  the  last  one removed  today 

Hi Sooze :-)

It can all be a bit overwhelming at first can't it! Try not to worry, you will find that in reality it's not nearly as scary as it sounds before you begin. Neither the chemo nor the radiothearpy are particularly difficult to cope with. You will feel a bit tired and floppy but as long as you rest whenever you feel like it and don't try to push yourself too hard.

When they say 'too big to operate on' all they mean is that you are a stage 2b or above, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's huge but they prefer to use chemo rads because they are safer for larger tumours.

Be lucky :-)

Hi sooze

im Happy you have made the dicision to join us! Sucks you have found yourself here but this is a great place to be. 

All of this is totally scary and overwhelming but its not as horrible as you might be thinking. As pp mentioned too big doesn't necessarily mean huge just over the 4 cm guideline mark. asking your dr the size is a good question to ask. Another is what kind of cancer you have. Smears are not 100% accurate so I would request an audit to be done as something might have been missed. 

The treatment is not as horrible as you think. It keeps you busy with daily trips to the clinic but overall it is doable. Ask questions and don't be afraid as we are all here for you. 


Thanks everyone. I have to drive 45 mins each way to the hospital where I'll be treated. Hubby has been very ill and probably won't be able to travel every day. Will I be OK to drive myself ? I've been told the radiotherapy days should be OK but maybe not the chemo day ? 

It's also knowing what questions to ask. I think he said the cancer was squamous something. I'll ask what stage and size next time I see him.

I Just want to get on with it now.

Everyone  is  different  my bloods were  rock  bottom each week n needed 2 transfusions so i was  extremely  tired  n dizzy  at Times so its so hard  to say x 

I had a rough time with treatment but I was able to drive myself to all chemo and radiations. The only appointments I brought a driver to was for the brachytherapies because they were done under anesthesia. Good luck hun. Most tolerated it better than I did.

Planning scan done today. Treatment starting on 17th July. 32 radiotherapy. 5 cistplatin chemo.

I can't have brachy as I had a hysterectomy about 10 years ago ? They didn't really explain why though ?


i just wanted to say that most people handle treatment well enough, do make a back up plan with someone especially near the end to be available to drive you. I drove myself everyday except for brachy same as pp.

I also had a 45 min drive there and back and that drive was actually therapeutic for me. I would listen to music and enjoy the summer air.

Squamous cell carcinoma is the most common so don't think your cancer is some rare form and that the dr's don't know what to do. This cancer is very cureable and the treatmemt is very effective.

i started treatment July 18,2016 so you will be exactly one year behind me, the journey can be difficult but it also opened my eyes to many things. Don't let this experience be all bad, yes it sucks but take from it, learn from it, see things you have never seen. I will never forget the kindness of strangers and many things from when I was in treatment. 

Good luck