new diagnosed with Stage 2b cervical cancer

Hello at all here,

Im glad, that i found this forum here, to talk about everything. and my hope is maybe here to talk about all my fears and feelings and everything what it brings with it.

i write a little about me.

i am 25 years old, and freshly moved to the usa. i have a boyfriend (rheason for moving;) im going trough a hard time. i was pregnant, but lost my baby in the 6th month a few days ago.


two weeks ago i got my pap test back, it was cin 3. i had to make an biopsie. they dit it two times. positiv for cancer. they told me i have stage 1b2 cervical cancer. than a first mri without kontrast (bcause of the pregnancy) after that another examination with 4 different oncologists. result, at minimum stage 2b. than after i lost our baby, i had another mri and today a pet scan. 

end of this month i have a surgery to move my ovaries to the kidneys, to safe them, because its too late to make an operation, i have to make radiochemotherapie.


i am so desperate, afraid, panicing, sad and angry.

i dont know what to think, im just so afraid.


i hope to find here some support and maybe a place to talk about everything.



Hi at all, i became the results from the Pet/scan. so there are many lymphknotes suspicious. while i have the ovarian transposition she cuts the lymphs out and makes a biopsy. it has spread to the tissues, but not farer. so i think good news in bad news right ? can someone tell me about that, when lymphknots also suspicous are ?

Hi Kim,


I'm sorry about your baby, and now you have to deal with this too.

Just wanted to say that I am thinking of you. I finished treatment November last year and it is very doable. We are all different and it is hard to predict how our bodies will handle treatment. I find it really helpful and important to keep a positive attitude. I think your mindset is 50% of the battle so be strong and hang in there. 

Do you have a treatment plan yet?

Sending you lots of hugs. Keep us posted xx

Hi Kim

I am so for your loss and the situation you find yourself in.  I hope that very soon you will have your treatment plan. I understand that the waiting is a very difficult time. I’m sure you will get lots of support here to help you through x

Wow. You’ve been through a lot. I feel for you.  Any chance they might be able to freeze some eggs first before treatment?? 

Good luck with your treatment. Soon this will be a horrible bit about your past, whilst you’re living happily in the future. X

Hi dear, 

thank you so much for your answer, this helps me a lot.

had you much side effects ?

i try as hard as i can to have a positive attidude, but its not easy. but im strong and im gonna fight with all i can!

no not till now, just that i have the surgery , and new with the lympnotes biobsy and cutting. and then at the 30th i have an appointment with the radiologist. more i dont know till now. nothing about the chemo and everything..


thank you so much, and yes i keep you all postet xx

Hi dear,

thank you so much for your words. yes it is very difficult, everything..


thnaks xx

hi dear,

hm i dont know, we didnt talked about that. isnt it enough with the ovarian transpotion?


thank you so much so much for your words dear xx

hello at all,


so today is the surgery. on 10. im nervous, but ok. because after that everything starts. but , i dont know how to feel. i fell so sad , so unfair. and im desperate. could cry the whole time. but my partner gives me strong support who helps so much. 



Hi Kim, how did everything go? xx