New cure of hpv

Hello ladies !
Has anyone heard of TCA ( treatment of the cervix) has anyone ever had it or heard about it? They say it’s a new treatment

Hi, I’ve recently heard about this treatment. I’m facing the prospect of a second LLETZ as my first one didn’t remove all the CIN2 cells. I would be very interested to hear more about it, especially from ladies that have had it. From what I’ve read, it sounds good and far less invasive than LLETZ. I’m unclear whether they offer it for CIN2

I had TCA (Trichloroacetic acid) treatment 3 weeks ago.

My last smear came back high risk HPV and low grade dyskaryosis.

The NHS would have done a biopsy at the colposcopy but then just left it to my immune system to try to clear it and retested with another smear in a year’s time.

I wanted those abnormal cells removed asap. As we age our immune system doesn’t work as well as when we’re young and my instinct was that mine wouldn’t get rid of abnormal cells and suppress the HPV.

Via the forum I found a consultant in London for the colposcopy. The consultant doesn’t do a routine biopsy, he goes by what he observes under the microscope.

The consultant did the trichloroacetic acid (TCA) treatment at my colposcopy. Here’s a research paper: “short term efficacy of trichloroacetic acid in the treatment of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia”:

I think the theory is that because HPV lives in the surface layer of cells, the acid (which I think is used on external genital warts and more recently it’s been used on the cervix) removes some HPV and the reduced viral load means that the immune system can be more effective at suppressing any remaining virus. Also the effect of the acid on the cervix may activate the immune system in that area too.

There’s research that may show that the punch biopsies done routinely at NHS colposcopies have the same effect:
“Punch biopsies shorten time to clearance of high-risk human papillomavirus infections of the uterine cervix”

The TCA treatment wasn’t uncomfortable, I hardly felt a thing, although I did feel very mildly crampy half an hour later but met up with a friend for coffee and that distracted me and I forgot about it.

I’ll go back in 3 months for another smear. Hopefully HPV and abnormal cells will be gone. In the study I think it was about 66% that cleared up so I hope it works for me. I’ll post an update to the forum when I have that result.


Thanks for your response, could you please post an update once you get your results back?

Do you mind asking you how long you have been positive?
I’ve been for 4 years

Hi Sil, this was the first smear when I’d tested HPV positive. I’d never had abnormal cervical cells either.

It was supposed to be my last smear because of my age. The NHS stop routine 3-yearly smears around age 64. Older woman can get cervical cancer but it’s less common than in younger women so it’s a cost-benefit (cost-saving) policy I think to stop routine smears.

I just wanted to be free of HPV and abnormal cervical cells, so that’s why I wanted the TCA treatment rather than waiting for my immune system to (hopefully) deal with it. It may not work but I thought it was worth the cost of going private. I felt that I was doing something, rather than just waiting and (for me) worrying.

I’ll post an update when I get the results of my next smear in 3 months’ time. Although the more research I do, the more I realise that smear test results, and punch biopsies, are not always accurate. I guess that’s why we need regular tests to make sure that when we are clear, we stay clear or know quickly so we can get appropriate treatment if needed.

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Hi my daughter takes papillex and AHCC , been taking for about 9 mths next smear in June so she’s hoping for a negative result

Let us know when she gets her next test results. Hope it’s all clear for her then :crossed_fingers:

Will do , I’m fed up of been in this constant state of worry I just want it gone

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