New and unsure

I have been suffering with heavy bleeding after sex, I went to the GP who did an internal examination and smear test, she said she coud see slight bleeding when she was touching my cervix. I was sent to Gynaecologist who was a bit annoyed as the GP hadnt sent me for a scan aswell as the colposcopy.  I had 3 biopsies taken from my cervix and one quite painfu one from inside my womb.  He said he wasn't sure there were any problems, there was a slight change in colour to the cervix but that could be age related ?? a couple of days later I got a cal to go for a scan and internal scan.


All the tests I had done at the GPs have come back clear, my smear test is cear, just waiting on the results from the hospital - I was wondering how long the results take to come through and what else it could be if not the dreaded 'C'


I am getting a little worked up about it, I have only told my husband as I didnt want to worry my kids (they are all grown up) he is being amazing and not telling me to stop over reacting or anything but I guess there is only so much I can unload on to him. 


Thank you for taking the time to read 


Joanne x