new and totally confused :(

hello all.

Im sorry for writing on here. i really dont know where else to go to get some informtion that is dumbed down a bit.

Althought i have been sent leaflets and spent hours looking online, i just cant make sence of it all!

i made an appointment for my first smear the day after my 25th birthday in september.

i assumed it would all be fine so i was suprised to get a letter stating "borderline changes" and "HPV was detected".

i went in for a biopsy and colposcopy in december and thought it would all be ok as it was just borderline changes.

Yesterday i recieved my results.

it reads:

"following a smear test reported as HR HPV on 5/11, i can inform you the biopsy we took from your cervix on the 5/12 has confimed the presence of some abornmal cells (CIN3) but i am pleased to say there is no evidence of cancer or serious disease".

apparently the abnormal tissue should be removed and an appointment has been made for a lletz in january.

so. was it hpv or hr hpv i had? is it borderline changes or CIN3? whats is the difference and what on earth is going on with my body??

any help greatly appreciated! im totally lost and feelings really down about it :(




Omg you sound like me am 24 had firstsmear came bk boederline with high hpv then biopsis say i now have cin3 with high hvp i am haveing lletz in jan 2 try not t worryi no its hard not to tho hunni i u wont to pm me ur mor than wellcome xxxxx

Hi queen! Okay let me try and ease your mind a little :) upon having your smear - this really only detects whether there are bad cells present, it can't determine what grade it's at. I also had a letter saying I had 'low grade dyskariyosis' and evidence of HPV. I went for a colposcopy and she told me I had high risk HPV. She examined me and said she couldn't really see much and thinks it's just the HPV that's present but took 2 biopsies anyway. The results of them came back 'CIN1' but no mention of HPV. I didn't need any further treatment as it has the potential to go back to normal on it's own. However, with CIN2 and 3 it's less likely too, so they so the necessary treatment to remove all the bad cells. It does not mean cancer, nor does it mean you will get cancer, it just means your cells have changed due the HPV virus. The colposcopy is a more thorough examination and the biopsies are to confimr exactly what they have found. Hope this helps! xxx

thank you both!

its all so very confusing and scary and all the long words and different grades doesnt make it easy reading!

and i havent exactly been told by a doctor whats going on so i was freaking a little.

so when i have the lletz, do they send that off to be analysed? will my diagnosis change or is it just to get rid of all the bad cells?

sorry for the questions!

im still not sure how this effects me further either? does it mean im more likely to have problems later on? or repeated CIN problems? etc?

i was hoping to not be so worried about this but i just cant shift it and all the horrible thoughts from my head!

I understand your worries completely. I will try and explain what I know to help ease your mind a little :) the LLETZ is the usual procedure for cin2 and 3. It's almost always 100% effective in removing all the bad cells and they will also confirm what they have taken from the LLETZ and also confirm if it has all been removed, which is usually the case. It's very rare to have a recurrence after treatment. To help your body rid itself of HPV, get lots of vitamins in you! Boost your immune system to help fight the virus. I too am a big worrier, but I've learned to just take each day as it comes and enjoy life. I won't let it bring me down anymore than it has already! Like I said, CIN3 does not mean cancer. I know we all think the worst, but try to see the positive. They have found exactly what it is and they have done the necessary treatment to remove the cells, which will also kick start your immune system into fighting the virus. Just try not to worry hun, I know it's easier said than done! But you are being taken good care of :) it's very unlikely that you will have future problems after treatment. Hope I have helped a little! Now go and enjoy new year and try to put it to the back of your mind :) xxx