new and terrified please read


Hi.  I'm new here and I had my abnormal pap which came back as cin3 . 

Then I went to the hospital for colposcopy and the doctor took a biopsy .

It's been more than 4 weeks and I still haven't heard anything. I'm terrified

And I don't know what to think. Does it take so long ? Before my pap smear

I felt something is not right with me , I was kinda avoiding to go for my pap

And it was overdue for 6 months. I was feeling loads of cramping similar to 

period pains , I was always thinking it's because of my pcos ,but other strange

Symptom just wasn't something I could ignore . I was extremely tired 

All day ,every day . It was so bad that I couldn't carry on with my normal life. 

But the strange thing happened after biopsy was done and doctor removed

The abnormal area . My fatigue disappeared so as my cramping pains!

Could it be that something serious has been removed during biopsy 

And now it makes me feel better ? But there's other thing just happened  

3 days ago that makes me stressed even more. I started spotting ,

It's not a lot but it's every day for 3 days ,and it's not brown , it's more like

Discharge mixed with red fresh blood . I'm very scared and I just keep 

Thinking that it's cancer. The waiting for colposcopy resuls more than 4 

Weeks is just ridiculous , I wonder how much longer that will take and 

Is going on with me .( I'm 30 years old )


Hi, you could go and see your gp it might be just an infection from the biopsy and your gp might also have your biopsy results because they get sent a copy of them too or you could ring the hospital to check if your results are back yet. The stress of waiting for results is terrible I hope you have them soon.

Hello ella bella....I also had CIN 3 and had lletz procedure. At first i had no bleeding, but then a week after I started with fresh bleeding. I went to my GP, who gave me antibiotics which i took for a week, but to be honest, as the bleeding has continued for some time, i think it is more likely that I am just taking a while to heal. I have a mirena coil in place, so I dont have any periods normally, so I know it is not a period. Try not ot worry as we are all different and will take different times to heal. Just go to your GP and I am sure they will be able to reassure you xx