New and Scared, CIN 3

Hi, I'm new to this site. I am 25 years old and for the past 18 months, I have visited my local hospital three times for a colposcopy. From the start, I was told that I had severe dyskaryosis, CIN 3. Several biopsies confirmed this.  I was advised that due to my age, they would not do any treatment and see if my immune system would fight it off. I had my most recent colposcopy on 1st August, where I got 4 biopsies taken. The consultant told me it still looked CIN 3 and he would organise a treatment plan. I got telephoned on the 14th and told I should come in for treatment on the 15th as they couldn't risk leaving me weeks longer. When I attended to get my treatment, the consultant explained to me the I have carcinoma in situ, which I believe is CIN 3 and said he would use LOOP diathermy to get rid of the abnormal cells. He advised me that he would send the abnormal cells to the pathologist to test for stage 1 cancer and told me that carcinoma in situ is stage 0 cancer, which is not a true cancer until stage 1 is reached. He said the results usually take 6-8 weeks but because my case is urgent, I would know on 2-3 weeks. Has anyone has a similar experience? Should I prepare myself to be told I have stage 1 cancer? I have never signed up to a site like this before but reading other woman's stories made me want to. Thanks in advance for any help or assistance.