New and scared - any advice welcomed

Hi everyone,

I'm new here but have been reading discussions for some weeks, since my routine smear results came back with CIN3 about 5 weeks ago. If anyone can help with any advice, I'd be really grateful.

I had my first colposcopy last week, and was called in for  Lletz under GA yesterday because the abnormal area was too big to treat. My consultant told me before I went into surgery that my punch biopsy came back clear but that they would send what they were taking out yesterday for a 2nd biopsy because sometimes "it can go the other way".

He's going away for 3 weeks but keeps saying that he's marked all my tests "urgent" - does he know something but isn't telling me yet? Has anyone else been in this situation? He says to ring the colposcopy clinic for my results in 2 weeks but I know they don't give things out over the phone. The waiting is so awful.

I'm also worried that I've had no pain or bleeding yet, so I'm wondering if they really did do the Lletz or just took a biopsy once they got in there? Am I just being paranoid?

I've been on immuno-suppressants for rheumatoid arthritis for 10 years, and I've read that's a big risk factor.  We were starting to try for children when all this happened and now I just don't know what the future will be. I feel so alone. My OH is being great but my mum is the other end of the country and I can't talk to anyone about it because I just can't go there with it. It's so terrifying and I keep trying to second guess what medical staff are really saying.

They gave me a letter to give my GP when I came out yesterday but told me not to open it - why have they said that? I keep thinking that if they suspected they would tell me, but I also keep reading about ladies who've had really bad experiences with miscommunication and misinformation. Just feel sick all the time thinking about it.

If anyone's experienced similar, I really appreciate talking about it with you. Hope eveyrone's well


Hey there,

I’m sorry you’re feeling so anxious, the waiting is the very worst time. It’s very hard to ‘not think’ about it, but do try to do some nice things for yourself. Maybe go for a walk or see a film?

I can’t answer all your questions but I had a lletz under GA and didn’t bleed either. I had a bit of discharge but no bleeding. I just guessed I was lucky!

If your hospital is anything like mine they’d give you a discharge note saying what surgery you had. I went in not knowing if I’d have a cone or a lletz and only knew afterwards by reading the note. Did you get one of those? I’m no expert but I’m sure it wouldn’t be good practice to give you the wrong information! If not illegal.

The letter for the GP will be a note saying what procedure you had and also any drugs they prescribed so the GP can update your records. I got one of these envelopes after lletz under GA and after my hysterectomy. They gave me a copy the first time but not the second.

It sounds like your consultant is doing a good job by making sure they treat the whole area. From the lletz they’ll also be able to pick up if it’s CIN or CGIN (which starts higher up). So it’s a good thing they’re checking, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing their job by not checking, if that makes sense?! Try not to read too much in to it, it’s important they get an accurate picture of each the cell types so they can be treated if needed.

I hope that helps a bit.

Take care xx

Hi Jo1982,

Thank you so much for responding - you've helped a lot. I don't know what it is about all this that just makes you so paranoid and scared and constantly trying to find answers. I think humans can deal with most things once they know what they're deadling with - in the end, my RA diagnosis wasn't half as shattering as all the fears of what it could be for 6 months!

You're right about the checking and it's good to hear it from someone else. Think I just have to wait and see. I can see from your history that things take twists and turns as you go, but I'm glad to see you got a clear result and were downgraded - hope everything is going well for you, hon.

Thank you for your voice of reason xxx

Hi Mrs W,

how are you?


Hi me23,

I'm ok, hon. How are you? Any news?xxx

Hiya, my Colposcopy is monday... seem to have been waiting forever but when i rang the hospital they said this was quick! (hate to see what slow was!!) xx

Very best of luck for tomorrow, then! Have to say, and I'm sure you'll find this, that nothing's as bad as not knowing? You'be just got to go in there and do it now - it's a relief to just get the waiting over with. And they may be able to treat you there and then. Either way, you'll get some kind of answers.

Just waiting for my results here, so let me know how it goes! X