New and on a rollercoaster of emotions

Good morning ladys I was just diagnosed with CC stage 2b yesterday. Ive known since Tuesday that it was cancer but I received the stage yesterday. I have a pet scan today to confirm if its moved out of my pelvic region the ct scan showned it only in that region so im praying it was right. Im scared i wont lie or pretend im not. I have a one year old i raise alone so i think about him alot in all of this. My results depend on what treatment they use any advice would be welcomed. Thank you everyone amd im praying for all of us !:)

Hi Savvynurse,

Welcome and sorry to hear about your diagnosis, your head must be in a strange place right now for sure. Rest assured that there are plenty of 2b ladies on here with great success stories so hopefully your panic will be short-lived and you can face your road to recovery with optimism. This should be fixed for you and you should get your life back so concentrate on your little one and TRY not to fret. The support here is immense, people are great about offering wise words, experience and encouragement. 

May I ask what your symptoms were, if any?

Thank you so much for that encouragement. Well i can say ive never had any gyn issues no hpv no abnormal paps. After i had my baby in October i was ok and when he was 3 months old i started bleeding very badly. The drs finally found a mass in my cervix after 8 months of bleeding and passing huge clots.

There are positives in all this- you have the cause for the bleeding. Your doubts are allayed and you can now get ready for your treatment plan :) Personally, I have not had a diagnosis yet (at the moment it's CGIN adenocarcinoma, had a LLETZ last week, get results on Tues, had abnormal smear after post-coital bleeding which happened twice). What a very good friend of mine said to me is 'you are in a fortunate position, you KNOW there is something wrong, they have FOUND the problem and now they can fix it' The same is true for you. You have knowledge, which is power, you will never again have to go through that awful wait for the first diagnosis, I have read so many women here saying that is the very worst part. When a plan is in place you can trust in that and let it go a little bit. So although you are of course in shock, they have caught this in time and you are in the fortunate position that it is treatable and you can look forward to many more years with your little boy! Xx

Hi ladies

i just wanted to share my story and hopefully reassure u a bit. I was diagnosed in June as 2b with a couple of pelvic nodes involved. I was where u are now and spoke to other ladies on here who have made it through all this and are now getting on with life. I finished treatment in September and get results in a few weeks (very scared).

the treatment is not as awful as you think, I had chemo, radio and brachy and other than feeling a little sick and tired sometimes I led quite a normal life. They are also so good at being on top of the side effects and everyone I dealt with during treatment was amazing.

my mantra during this has been cry when you need to cry, rest when you need to rest and the rest of the time keep the chin up and fight!

wishing you both the best, I found the waiting but the worst but I felt better once I knew what I was facing and what the treatment plan was.

feel free to shout me anytime



HI, sorry you have joined this forum, it's a pretty tough bit of news and getting that stage status can be rougher! I also had stage 2b so I know exactly how this is good to start educating yourself, I'm sure you already have loads of questions.

You will be approached about a clinical trial called Interlace which is optional. I did it and have been given the all clear. I had a great experience with this choice although it felt hard to make it at first.I found the chemo used in the trial easy compared to the chemo used in your standard treatment so they were quite different. Theres also some things you can do to help with your treatment such as promoting oxygen in your blood system by eating greens makes your radiation treatment more effective, eating red meat also helps your blood strengthen too. 

I had various food cravings and I listened to them, sunflower seeds, tuna, white bread etc. and all for particular reasons such as helping with bowels, protein, magnesium etc. Please feel free to read my blog. I describe what the machines looks like, how they actually work at killing cancer and the history of all the drugs too, then personal things like exercise or sleep patterns and even having my hair thinned (I never lost all of my hair and I'm loving my pixie cut now) 

Before the end of my treatments finished my body was already clear of cancer. Also on the trial you get more check ups, every three mths for two years then every six months for two years.

I would really like to hear how you are getting on. Your son will be so proud of you when he is old enough to tell him how you raised him while dealing with this.

Hi it was such a blessing to hear from you. im doing much better and ready to fight. Ive changed my diet completely and they have found multiple lymphnodes affected, but thats only a minor curve in my road im a chamged woman over this