New and confused!!

Hey, after a result of high grade changes and then colop and biopsies taken, the consultant found I also had changes on my vaginal wall. He said he couldn’t do the treatment that day and it would be done at a later date in hospital under general anesthetic. On Monday I received the letter to say that I had been referred to the in patient waiting list and they would contact me in due time. What is confusing me is everywhere I read it said it would only be a day procedure, so why am I being admitted? J gave tried calling but no one can give me any answers has any one else had this? Thanks in advance x


My situation is different to yours so I don't know 100% but I would say it's because you are having it done under general anaesthetic. I'm in tomorrow for lletz but with local so as outpatient however if under general you would be inpatient as you would need to recover from the anaesthetic and would therefore need a bed hence the waiting list.

Hope this helps a little :) x

Good luck tomorrow Em xxx

Thank you sallieann really appreciate your comment :) x

Good luck for tomorrow, and that's what I'm hoping for tho I have had general before and was able to go home a few hours after coming round so I think this is what had me confused. Guess I just have to wait for the next letter arriving. Thanks for the reply x