New and a little scared

Hi all, From the end of December 2012 I started getting more periods and by the beginning of Feb 2013 I had already had 4 periods and sex with my husband was very painful and I was doubled up in pain and we had to stop. 2 days later another period came and after 20 days of heavy bleeding and pains in my pelvis I went to the doctors who took bloods and put me on tablets to stop the bleeding and booked me another appointment for an internal examination for the 25th march. I went and I have lots of growths and have been referred to the suspected cancer clinic. I have scans booked already on the 5th April. I know I have not been diagnosed with anything and I have 3 children who are still rather young. For obvious reasons I am worried but have started to get pain in the top of my legs and down to my bottom. Should I wait until the scans on the 5th or should I speak to someone. Thanks x x


I'm sorry to hear what you're going through, must be such a worry, especially with 3 young children as well, my heart goes out to you.

If it were me I'd mention the new pain to the doctor and not wait for the scans. Also the scans will most likely be just that and you won't necessarily have a consultation with anyone. Your doctor may be able to get you scanned sooner too if they think it would be helpful to do so.

Take care x

Thank you twilight12. I have been referred for scans in one hospital and gynaecologist appointment in another which doesn’t make sense. My scans are first but probably the worst time to be given this news as its half term and the waiting is awful. My children are 5, 7 and 10.

Unsure if this will help any but I was so anxious and upset regarding my wait for the lletz treatment that i phoned up and got in earlier, only a few days earlier but my god it was such a relief. I was very upset on the phone to the clinic and they happened to just say to me that i had to come in that day, i had an hour to think about things and was at my appointment within no time at all.

So it will do no harm to call the clinic hospital and explain how anxious you are feeling about all this, you may just get a cancellation or they can fit you in around their schedual like they did with me.

I hope things go well with you, such an unsettling time with children. I have 3 too and I am awaiting my results, it's really getting to me too :( xx

Thanks Caridunc, I did speak to my doctor last week as although I have scans booked the hospital where I am supposed to be seeing a gynaecologist at has said that they have capacity issues and cannot book me an appointment yet. Its an urgent referral so they have to see me within 2 weeks however if they dont they will just get fined.

I know I have a number of growths but I am getting more pain in the last 4 days in my pelvis and lower back. I'm freaking out because I have been saying how tired I am and the pain wakes me up in the night.

My husband is all for taking me to A&E right now but I'm even more scared of what they will tell me.



I hope all is ok with you Hun…it’s so scary I know…but try to stay strong…easier said than done I know!!
Lots of love
K xx

Thank you Monkey22. I ended up in out of hours on Sunday and Monday and have been told that it looks as though I have a pevis infection which may have been caused by the heavy bleeding which I have had previously. There is also traces of blood in my urine too.

I have now been put on 2 sets of antibiotics which mean I can't even enjoy a glass of wine to get me through the period of not knowing what I have Frown

K x

Hey Kerry hows it going??
Hope all ok Hun…keep me updated x
K xx