Never thought I would be back again!

As you can see from my signature i had 

CIN 3 all was removed repeat smear was fine 

switched to three yearly smears.

  I bleed after sex each and every time

I get horrific cramps and pains in my legs from my pelvis

I know this isn't normal and it's never happened to me previous to

having CIN 3 could it be something to do with that? 



Hi Nicola,

I wonder if you have not healed up properly, was this last May? If I were you I would go to my GP with my concerns and ask for a colposcopy. It said in my discharge letter that they would see me in 6 months for a smear but had a paragraph at the end along the (layman) lines of 'If you ever have any cause for concern, abnormal bleeding etc, you should have it checked out' 

I had LLETZ 3 months ago and recently have been getting lower back pain and the occasional bit of spotting, which I have put down to healing. If it persists I will definitely be asking more a closer look. From what I have read (dr google again...) it can take some people quite some time to heal up fully.

Big hugs, try not to panic (easy to say I know...)


Thank you for your reply. 


Yes it was a year ago I had the LLETZ procedure 

six months after that about november I had w normal smear 


all was fine, up until a month or two ago when the pain & bleeding started

iv ignored IT thinking maybe IT is because Iv not healed but

just seems strange it's only started recently, Iv got the earliest appointment 

I can in two weeks time with my GP 




just saw your other post. Pouring sounds awful, it must be really horrible for you. You are defo doing the right thing in going to your GP. I would really push for a colposcopy referral as I would want an expert to have a look. 

Hope they are able to give you some answers and get you feeling better soon. 



Hi Nicola,

I'm sorry you're going through this, and glad you've got an appointment to see a GP. There can be lots of reasons for bleeding, it's not necessarily related to the CIN or the LLETZ, but of course always important to get things checked out.  After a year, it would be unusual if you hadn't healed - and this would likely have been spotted when you had your smear too if this was the case. The best thing to do is ask for a gynae referral if they're reluctant to send you to colposcopy (which they might be if your smear was normal). This way you'll be under the right team, and they can request any tests that you might need to find out what's causing your symptoms (inc ultrasounds, colposcopy etc).

All the best to you.