Never ending Cycle of Colposcopies


I’m really just needing a vent.

You can see my history from my signature(that I’m about to do after writing this.)

You know when you just have a feeling something isn’t right, all the symptoms you just pass off as “normal” but really…they’re far from it, you’re just so used to it its normal.

Latest colp I had a brand new doctor, he drew on my file, on the diagram of my cervix, about 5 little circles and told me they’re HPV. Since I seen that, I’ve now felt them and realised they weren’t always there.

I had 1a1 adenocarcinoma which means the cells are further up but unlike what seems the norm to have scans when diagnosed with this to make sure its not hiding anywhere else, I only got 1 lletz.

Have I got this hiding somewhere else:(

Sorry if this seems like a stupid rant or insensitive I just needed to get it off my chest.