Never ending, confused by results!

  1. Hi All,

This is my first post however I’ve read these forums for years. I got my results today and I am really confused by what it means if anyone can help me/had a similar experience. 

Ill give background first. I am only 25, at 21 I had laser to remove CIN3 cells. After this I was sent for a 6 monthly smear it came back with changes and I’ve had yearly biopsies since which have all came  baxk CIN1 changes. 


However, my most recent biopsy was 3 weeks ago. I got my results letter back. To my relief it still said CIN1 and it hasn’t got any worse (although I’d be more relieved if it was gone but I feel like this will never happen!!). Although, I had a smear too this time and it came back negative and clear. So instead of the letter saying to come back in a year like usual I’ve to go to my doctor for a smear in 6 month. 


Im just confused as to what this means. I’m a bit worried that I’m not going to get the yearly appointments anymore when CIN1 is still present. Has anyone had a similar experience or can give me some sort of reassurance. 

Thank you so much in advance x