Neuroendocrine (children mentioned)

Hi everyone, ive in the last month been diagnosed with this rare form of cervical cancer as well as scc and adenocarcinoma. I was told it was a stage 1b1 and that if it wasnt for the rare one i would have just had to have a hysterectomy…

i have been so strong through the last month and only getting upset when i told my mum. My thought is it hasnt beaten me yet so keep strong and get rid of it.

im 26 and have a 4,2 and 6month old. I am the one who takes care of them full time and it is strange handing responsibility to friends and family when i have treatment.

treatment starts 12/08/12 which is 2 3 weekly sessions then chemoradiation for 5 days lasting 5 weeks then chemo again for 2 3 weekly sessions. I am having cisplatin and another one at the same time.

i do have really long hair (to my hips) and was told straight away that i will loose it, and the best thing is to cut it short before treatment starts as it can make hair lose worse and more painful so think thats on the cards for the weekend. Again to me hair is hair and it will grow back maybe with a kink in it this time or blonde, quite looking forward to a change really.

the thing that worries me is with this rare form am i going to relax after treatment or am i constantly going to think it is going to reappear.

Not managed to speak with any one with this neuroendocrine and just wondered how others reacted to their treatment and whether there is light at the end of the tunnel?

i found out about having cancer through my 1st ever smear 4 months after having third baby

Hi,sorry I don't have the same cancer, but good luck with your treatment on Monday. You sound like you are being really strong and positive, and that's what will help you through. I'm sending you a big hug lovely lady. X

Thank youfor your post its nice to know that i have support from others as well as family and friends. I will keep an update on any other feelings or how treatment goes just to give others an insight as to how you may all feel when going through the same stage. 

Wow u do seem so strong I really hope things r going best they can keep us posted xx