Nervously waiting for results

Hello all

My back story is that 2013/2014 I was treated for CIN3 cells. Once I was given the all clear I went onto having yearly smear tests.
Last year I got my results within a week to say that there were no changes, then 3 weeks later I got another letter to say that there were low grade changes but nothing was going to be done which was OK as it was low grade changes.
I have now been waiting this year for over 3 weeks for my test results and I know the old saying of “no news is good news” but I’m still worrying.

Is anyone else having to wait longer for test results during the current covid situation?

Hi Lizziem

I had my smear done on May 4th and it took around 6 weeks for the result. Mine came back high risk HPV but no abnormal cells. I have had this result 3 times in a row now since 2019 so referred to Colposcopy presumably to be on the safe side. My appointment is Monday. My nurse who did the smear did say the labs where I am (manchester) they advised it to be about 6 weeks at the moment. xx