Hey everyone. So I was told I had hpv and there were abnormal cells present while I was pregnant with my son 4 years ago. I was told right after I delivered to come back to the doctor to figure out what was going on. In which case I never did. Please don't judge I have horrible anxiety when it comes to hearing bad news from the doctors. Now I have been doing lots of googling due to some symptoms I've been having. Ie dull on and off pelvic pain random burrs of knee pain frequent urination and the big one bleeding after sex. All symptoms of what I think are cervical cancer. I also have an iud in which makes figuring this all out harder because I have spotting and abnormal periods. I have finally worked up the courage to go to the doc and I'm super afraid of what they will say. If you all can just give encouraging words and some of your symptoms and journey with this it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks from a 29 yr old mom 2

Hi jasmine 

I know it's so scary to go to the dr, it's very diffucult to face what we fear. However, when something is wrong  We allow ourselves to avoid finding out due to anxiety over going but yet we cause more anxiety by not going. 

please go, whatever is wrong will not be as bad as not knowing. You can do this, we all have. You are not alone we are hear for you. Be strong. 

Im in Limbo land like you, go check it out. noy knowing is going to destroy you. 


Ive only just joined as I too have had results of HVP and abnormal cells. looks like a supportive bunch on here