Hi ladies

Hope you are all ok or as ok as you can be.

Back in May i had surgery to remove lymph nodes bilaterally and have LLETZ and top hat which removed my 1B1 cervical cancer.

Well I went for my first check up 24 September and I have now been contacted as there are 'changes'. I'm due to go back next week but am scared stiff. My mind is running away with me. It seems to have put me right back at that place in April/May. 

Has this happened to anyone else?

Any info would be greatfully recieved.

Sending big hugs to all you brave ladies out there xxx


15/01/13 Abnormal smear / 07/02/13 Colposcopy and biopsies / 28/03/13 LLETZ / 18/04/13 Confirmed CC grade 2 Stage 1B1 / 08/05/13 MRI / 13/05/13 Surgery to remove bilateral lymph nodes, LLETZ and top hat, allergic reaction to GA / 23/05/13 Given all clear / 24/09/13 First check up / 18/10/13 smear results 'changes'




Sorry to hear this news Kelly - I am not surprised you are scared. 

I haven't had the same thing, but I know only too well how the mind can run away with 'what ifs'. Time to dig deep and try not to get carried away until you know for sure what's going on.  One step at a time, sweetheart.

Big hugs x



Hi Rosehip

Hope you are ok and doing well?

Thank you so much for replyng to me i really appreciate it. Trying to be positive, i suppose i'll know more on thursday. Im a bit of a worrier anyways lol!

Again thank you so much for replying to me. xx


Hi Kelly,

I'm mostly ok, but have recently developed lymphoedema in my leg and groin which has rather knocked me for six.  Suddenly, instead of feeling like I'm on the mend, I'm trying to come to terms with being left with a really unpleasant life-long condition. Have an appointment at the LE clinic next month so then I'll probably be fitted with a compression stocking to wear all the time.

Glad to be alive, but this still sucks and I am starting to think that this is a much more common side effect of our treatment than is commonly acknowledged. 

Still, there's nothing to do but get on with it, I guess. Frown

Hi hunny.

So sorry to hear that hun, you poor thing, must be really painful :-(

I hope everything goes ok at the clinic, stockings all the time :-(. hopefully they will be able to give you some tips to make it esier, sorry i dont know much about it but what i have read it sounds very painful

Sendng you big hugs hun xx