Hey guys,


I am having so much anxiety over the symptoms I’m having.

I went on a Progestrone only pill 2 months ago.

On Sunday May 20th I realized I was having symptoms of a yeast infection. No crazy symptoms, just itchy! So I did a Monistat 1 on Tuesday. It cleared up 90% of the itchiness. I did another Monistat 1 on Sunday to get it all cleared up. And it worked, my itchiness completely went away. But on Monday (Memorial Day) I started having lower abdominal pressure and spotting. That continued almost all week, and then low back pain started around Wednesday. its now Thursday evening and I don’t have any more pressure in my abdomen but I do still have the spotting and back pain (it’s primarily on the lower right hand side). I have done way too much googling and am driving myself crazy. 

The birth control pills have made my anxiety go through the roof. I’m so afraid based off of what I’ve read online. I don’t know if it sounds like cancer or if it’s from the yeast infection or something as simple as my birth control. 

I have an appointment tomorrow with my gyno. Anything you say before then would help!