I'm new here so hello.

I had an abnormal smear November 2016 and had a Colposcopy January 2017 which came back as mild changes, so was booked for another January 2018.


September I started feeling poorly, headaches,  dizziness,  nausea, neck and shoulder pain.

Several visits to Doctor and was told migraine and given pills which didn't help. Then told it was tension headaches and then anxiety!  Saw another doctor and she did BP and it was scarily high, she put me on BP meds.  I've never had high BP before (I have Psoriasis arthritis and Osteoarthritis) I'm under Rheumatology at hospital and it's always been okay. 

I passed out at one point and was taken to hospital,  they just said migraine too.


November 2017 had a letter through post asking me to go for a smear which I thought odd as I was due to have a Colposcopy in the January. 

I went for the smear and it came back as 'severe high grade abnormalities " CN3. Frightened is and understatement!!  Colposcopy brought forward but it hurt so much, she said I have a narrow birth canal. Said I'd need a General Anaesthetic. 

Had it on 3 January this year. Surgeon came to see me afterwards and said she'd removed some womb and cervix. It didn't mention this on the letter beforehand,  I thought she was going to remove scrape of abnormal cells.

Still waiting for results.

Not sure what I'm asking here, I'm just so scared of everything!  

Had to go back to my gp last week and they've doubled my BP meds as it's still high. I keep thinking I have cc and this is why BP is high. I'm in pain most of the time from my Arthritis and due to see a specialist because of slippage in my neck but that all pales in comparison to all of this.

Sorry for going on.

Is it possible she meant that she just took biospies from those areas? It's normal for them to take biospies during colposcopies of any suspicous areas. This usually includes an ECC which goes into the cervical canal to an extent. Maybe thats what she meant by womb?  I'd think if it was a substantial portion like with a LEEP/LLETZ or cone, they'd have given you some fairly detailed post-op instructions. I'm not sure if that helps any? You should be getting results back either way.