I’ve recently had some smelly discharge-so today I called GP for a check up. She has offered me an appointment for Friday but over the phone she asked if I had been having bladder trouble. I have - but had not once considered them related. So of course after hanging up I got onto Dr Google. And my symptoms lead me cervical cancer. And I was shocked to discover I have more symptoms---- lower back pain, pain/discomfort during sex, changes to my once very regular periods, spotting between periods.

The bladder issues I always assumed were post birth problems. The rest I put down to copper coil related symptoms -so I haven’t seen the Dr about them. However now thinking about it, they have all come along at the same time… within last few months. Whilst they could be unrelated I can’t help but feel epically nervous about my appointment right now! :frowning:

Hiya sorry to see nobody ever replied to you. I just wanted to see how you got on? It's amazing what our mind can do when we're worried ... Just start thinking the worst .. They may be related but they're also very common symptoms a lot of women get. I get lower back pain sometimes, I have gotten pain during sex and spotted sometimes afterwards. I have spotted a couple of times mid cycle. These are all quite common so please don't stress yourself out too much ... I know it's hard though and Google is a curse .. The thing with Google is anyone can write those articles so a lot of what you're reading is not facts. I hope you're okay. Let us know how you're getting on ☺