Nervous! Unanswered questions

Normally I have heavy, uncomfortable periods. It all started when my period two months ago came 2 weeks after my last. It was short and light with big clots. Mostly like brown discharge. I halfly dismissed it thinking maybe I was just stressed. The cramps never went away and I feel a pressure in my lower abdomen and flank pain accompanied by persistent fatigue and nausea and bloating. The next period was the same. Brown discharge. Still. Relentless pain and cramps. I also have intermittent constipation and diarrhea and frequent urination. And a clean urinalysis. In between all of this, I’ve had a clear thick mucous discharge. I finally went to the gyno last week. She put me on a low dose birth control to regulate my period and did a pap. Which came back abnormal. The cells both inside and out, which she said is uncommon. I also found out I have hpv. But she said the pain in having isn’t related. It just doesn’t make sense for the way I’m feeling and everything coming on suddenly. I’m scheduled for a colposcopy Monday. Has anyone had similar symptoms?

I haven't I'm afraid, but didn't want to leave your post unanswered. Hope your colposcopy goes well and goes some way to getting you some answers 

It's like I could of wrote this myself. I have been experiencing that exact same symptoms, what was your diagnosis if I may ask?