Nervous pre-LLETZ Treatment

Hi all

I have my first LLETZ treatment on Wednesday and I’m just looking for some reassurance. I know our bodies are all different and some have found the procedure to be fairly straight forward and others not.

I’m just really worried about recovery. I have a wedding 2 weeks after my treatment and have read all sorts about watery discharge or soaking through pads. I didn’t think of myself as a nervous person and this forum has been great so far but also read things that worry me.

Any advice would be most welcome and thank you :kissing_heart:

Recovery is actually pretty OK in my experience. The discharge is the worst element. I would strongly recommend you use an extra long pad so that you don’t get leakage at the front or back. If you’re worried about the wedding and your outfit you could also consider period pants in addition to a pad, which should really minimise the risk of anything leaking through to your outfit.

Physically you are unlikely to be in any pain or anything.

Hello! I have my LEEP scheduled a day after yours, so this Thursday. I’m having mine done under general as this is how my gyno prefers to do it. But I’ve been curious about recovery as well. There’s so many varying stories it’s quite confusing. Then you have the people who post on here prior to LEEP and then they never come back on so I’m assuming those individuals are having a pretty decent recovery and just didn’t feel the need to come back on here! Lol which is great for them obviously :grin:

I had my pre appt this morning and the nurse/doctor told me it’s a very fast procedure, expect mild cramping and discomfort the rest of the day but nothing OTC pain relievers can’t help. A heating pad could offer relief as well. I asked about discharge and was told to expect it and obviously wear pads. But they made it seem like it wouldn’t be anything heavier than what you experience in your monthly period. So compared to what some ladies here have stated, I’m lost!

I’m set to go on a beach vacation 2 weeks after my appointment, although I will not be getting in the water obviously. And I’m confused about the discharge also as that’s what most people talk about in regards to recovery. I’m even confused about how thick the pads need to be that I purchase?

Anyways, what a mess! Lol good luck with your appointment and keep us updated, I bet it will go just amazing for you!

Thanks Jackie and Lowbear for your comments.

I’ll be sure to post about my experience in the hope it helps others. I appreciate we are all different and there’s no one size fits all. I did find the report published on Jo’s trust to be incredibly helpful in putting my mind somewhat at rest.

Hope your treatment goes ok Jackie and Lowbear I hope you are recovering well

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I felt the discharge was reasonably heavy and quite constant, but for context I was only changing pads every few hours and I was using Always Platinum size 3. With a thicker pad you could probably go a bit longer. Just my personal experience!

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Hi All

I had LLETZ back in May and I have to say the recovery wasn’t too bad, I had some cramping on and off but for me at worst was as bad as my time of month, but majority of the time it was more a dull ache and wasn’t bad enough that I needed any pain killers.
With regards to the discharge I only found a couple of days it was heavy (but I didn’t have it as bad as my period) the majority of the time it was just light and found I could cope with normal pads and change a couple of times a day (that was more because I didn’t want to catch an infection so tried to change regularly even if I didn’t need to).
For me the worst bit was having to wear a pad as normally I would use tampons.

For me I was due on 2 weeks after my procedure and found that all to be normal and no additional side effects or pain other than what I normally get - with regards to if it was heavier or not I’m not sure as normally I use tampons, so couldn’t really tell having to use pads.

I personally think you should be fine.

If you have any questions feel free to message me.

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Hi! I had my LEEP/LLETZ procedure last Thursday and have found recovery to be easier than expected. The day of the procedure I had some brown discharge and moderate period type cramping. The next day all cramping was gone. I have been wearing an extra long pad every day since the procedure, but have found it unnecessary. Could probably just use a thin panty liner. No major spotting or discharge just some of the monsel’s solution when I wipe. Hope yours goes well.

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Thank you! I plan on going tomorrow to purchase them so I will look into those! I’m a tampon girl so I know nothing in the slightest about pads :see_no_evil:

Your recovery sounds like what my gyno described to me this morning at my consultation. Happy for you that it has been going so well, I hope it continues to for you! And I hope mine is the same, Fingers crossed :slight_smile: lol

Do you mind me asking if you had yours done under local or general anesthesia?

Thank you so much for your reassuring post. I’m really hoping I will have a similar experience as I’ve been luckily with fairly regular periods and little to no cramping so fingers crossed for tomorrow!

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I had mine under local anesthesia and had no issues with the procedure! As another update for you, this morning I had the big clot of monsel’s solution fall out (4.5 days after procedure). My doctor warned me this would happen and is a completely normal part of the healing process.

I’ve having mine under general, so a bit nervous as I’ve never had anesthesia before ever :see_no_evil: but loads of women here have helped me calm down about it.

I had to Google Monsel solution lol! But I have read of other people experiencing this too. This forum is great, I feel very lucky to be apart of this group because Lord knows I would be a much bigger mess if I hadn’t have found it.

I hope my recovery goes as well as yours :slight_smile: my doctor did tell me yesterday that stress plays a big part in the healing process so I definitely will be working on my stress level!

I’m sure you will be great! Just wanted to share the good news that I just got my pathology report back and the LEEP got clear margins!!


Oh thats wonderful!! I’m so happy for you :slight_smile: I know that must be a huge relief!!

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I had mine 6 weeks ago and my recovery was really ok! I did have to wear pads but I wore the always discreet for sensitive bladder and could easily wear one all day, after 2 weeks the discharge was absolutely a lot better !! I didn’t have sex until around 3.5 week after and that was also absolutely fine!

The procedure itself was also NOT as bad as I expected I barely if at all felt the first injection for local anesthesic and then didn’t feel anything else after that!

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Hi ladies,

Thank you all for your advice and support - we’re so lucky to have such a great community of women supporting each other.

Just wanted to give a little update as I’m not 5 days post LLETZ. My experience was probably a little different to most as my procedure was carried out in a theatre (my hospital didn’t have day facilities) so I had to go through a lot of daunting protocol and was in a full gown, stockings, hairnet etc. The procedure itself was, fairly straightforward. I would say the worst part was the speculum as once the local was in I didn’t feel a thing. The consultant said she had removed all the cells but they had some trouble stopping the bleeding.

Since then I’ve had some moderate bleeding but was also due on my period so could just be that. It’s starting to ease a little and I’ve been lucky to have hardly any pain. I’m sure I’m not over the worst of it yet but hopefully it will be a quick and easy recovery. Results arrive on 10th Aug so keeping everything crossed for clear margins.

Word of warning - make sure there’s someone around when you get home. I massively downplayed how I would feel and came home to an empty flat feeling very sorry for myself and burst into tears…nothing that large pizza couldn’t fix mind you.

Wishing you all the best for upcoming procedures, recovery and results! Stay strong!

Glad to hear you are doing well in recovery so far :slight_smile:

I had mine done last Thursday (29th) and was due to stay my period a few days after as well. Which I did, it was daunting to me for some reason at first even though I knew where the blood was from. Other than that it’s been pretty normal for me as well! I keep waiting for the watery discharge to start, maybe after my cycle is through I can expect it. Who knows honestly lol I should be hearing soon about my LEEP results as well and praying for clear margins too! I hope we both get positive results :slight_smile:

I will agree with you also that I can not imagine having gone home afterwards to an empty house. My husband is in the military so has been gone for months, luckily I had my mother go with me and stay at my house the day of and an extra day afterwards as I felt kind of emotional even though I had just gotten through it. Maybe it was a sort of de-stressing after riding high for a month with worry!

Hi, I’m having a hystercoscopy on Monday. It’s to treat CGIN and take a further biopsy but it’s going to be done under a general too. I’m the same as you I’ve never had one before so I’m super nervous. I hope yours goes well. x

Hi! I was SO WORRIED about having my procedure done under general bc of the unknown from never having it before. So I totally sympathize with you! I will say, it was so easy. Went the room and met the anesthesiologist and nurses who were all so nice and chatted with me while getting everything set up. I told her I was super nervous so she set up my IV in my hand and gave me a “cocktail” as she called it lol within 30 seconds I felt like I had been drinking :joy: and it actually put me to sleep before she even knocked me out with the actual anesthesia lol! Next thing I knew I was waking up. I was only asleep for about 15 min they said. It was great because I felt nothing, went home and took a nap. You will do great :))

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Thank you so much for sharing your story! I’m hoping I’ll be offered a cocktail too!