Nervous newbie

Hi everyone, so glad I've come across this forum, it's very reassuring ! I am still however, ver nervous of what's to come. a bit of history - I had a smear about 2 years ago that came up with abnormal cells, was told to come back for a repeat in 6 months, went back and that came back as normal. Fast forward a year to my next smear (2 weeks ago. Was a few months late for it!) and this has come back as abnormal again, but have been refered or a colposcopy in november ! I'm worried that a lot can change in a short period and that an appointment 6 weeks away is too long to wait !?

And also why have they sent me for a colposcopy when before they just asked me back in 6 months !?

the letter I recieved didnt say to what degree my abnormal changes are, it just says abnormal cells dedected. This last smear hurr me and made me bleed, whereas all my other smears I have barely felt. The nurse doing it also had a funny look on her face and asked me lots of questions that she's never asked me before, like do I get pain / bleeding after sex etc. I dont get abnormal bleeding but sometimes get pain during sex, and when I had the coil (removed after my smear) i often had one sided pain, like in my ovary area. It's too early to tell if that pain has completely gone because I've only had it out 2 weeks, and the pain wasn't always there. 

I hope this makes sense & thank you for reading :)

Hiya, I'm new to. at the same time me and my friend had our smears both came back abnormal, mine said medium grade and my friends said mild. My appt for colposcopy was within two weeks and my friends was 6weeks so maybe it is the mild they've picked up on again but because its the second time they want to make sure?! I had a colposcopy in April and had my follow up smear today which hurt and I am now bleeding but it never hurt when I had my first one in March even with the cells. I have just had the contraceptive implant removed and don't know wether that could be a factor. Anyway sorry not much help but please try not to worry I was just as bad. The colposcopy is fine :) 

Hi I am also new to this aswell. I had my first smear 6 months ago now and have only just had treatment due to being on holiday and trouble with childcare so missed appointments! My smear came back high grade and I had a biopsy done within a few weeks which came back Cin 3 which was in april. I had a lletz done last week and am to wait for results from that which I am confident are fine. From then until now there was no dramatic change to me that I am aware of so I hope that makes you feel a little bit more at ease? I don't know if it will. It is very hard not to worry, I worried like crazy when my smear results came back as I never expected anything wrong and did not know the firsthing about any of it. You will feel better when you go for your colposcopy and I hope everything is okay. Xxx

Thank you both for the replies ! it has slightly put my mind at ease :) Louisa, what did the biopsy at the colposcopy feel like ? all I'm picturing it them using something like a paper hole puncher to take chunks of my cervix away :/ and also did you request that your lletz was to be done under GA ? My letter says that treatment may be done on the day, and in no way can I have it done whilst consious (massive needle/medical phobic!) I even have to be sedated just to have a filling haha. Xx

Hi becki, I had the biopsy to before lletz and its just the tiniest pinch ever, I am very scared about things like this to but please try not to worry. The lletz of uncomfortable but its more physiological I think, in my case anyway. Hope everything goes well :) xx

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the forum too. I have a long gynae history so my background is complicated to say the least! To cut a long story short, I was to have a hysterectomy in January for ongoing bleeding that hasn't really abated since having complete removal of my endometrium but a smear test came back with mild abnormalities and then moderate were detected on the next smear. I had a cone bipsy last week and to be honest, I'm really worried. My irregular bleeding, continuous brown discharge and constant period pain were always put down to hormonal issues but now the Drs are finally checking it is nothing more sinister due to my smears (nothing is evident on my cervix so the changes are to my 'transformation' zone). Have to say as a mum with 3 young kids, I'm scared stiff. Had lots of pain and bleeding since the cone biopsy (but Becki please don't think this is usual - it's just normal for me and the biopsy doesn't require huge needles or injections you will notice and honestly it is mildly uncomfortable but NOT painful!) If anyone could let me know if they have had similar symptoms followed up by a good outcome (i.e No cervical cancer, that would be very reassuring!). Thank you everyone and whatever my outcome, I've decided I will actively support Jo's Trust from now on! Best wishes Lex X


Thank You all again for the reassuring replies, lex I bet you are scared stiff, I've got a little girl and mine has terrified me ! I've got everything crossed for you xxx

Thanks Becki, I've had no news yet and tomorrow will be two weeks post no news at this stage is looking promising! Good luck to you too! Lex  XX