Nervous Newbie - Please help

Hello Ladies,

Thank you for any replies. I have been told today that I have cervical cancer. She took some biopsies & thinks it's stage one, I have also had a blood test & chest X-ray. I have also been told I need a MRI. Between you & me I'm petrified! I'm trying to keep it together for my Mum as we lost Dad to cancer 2 years ago & my Brother is also in the Spirit World following an accident. She's mentioned a radical hysterectomy ahhhhhh!!! After reading up on the net I see lower back pain can be a symptom of advanced cervical cancer & as I've had this for at least 15 years I'm worrying she's got it wrong & it's game over! :(

Hi. Slow down my love!!! All completely normal thoughts and feelings after diagnosis but before the final staging! An mri will have a real good look at the pelvis and they will be able to see the size and the location of the tumour, and a chest xray will make sure it is not in your chest cavity...all essential tests. If they are talking a hysterectomy then this is good news. I was where you are now back in July last year, convincing myself about the worst, but mine was stage 1. It may be a few weeks before you can get all the tests done and get your final staging, so treat yourself whilst in limbo land! Buy some trashy mags or books, hire a hot tub, get a Netflix subscription and join a gym (figured that lot may be a few weeks worth of entertainment!?!). Good luck, and we are all here for you. H xxx


So sorry you're having to go through this but you have come to the right place for advice and support.  Firstly, you would not have been told that they think it's stage one if they had any doubt - it certainly wouldnt be a case of it being advanced.  I was diagnosed with Stage 1b1, had a Wertheims Hysterectomy which removed it all and I didnt need chemo or radiotherapy so hopefully you will be the same.

It's not an easy time to get through but you will manage it.  The waiting is the worse but once you get your stage confirmed and get told your treatment plan then it gets a bit better.  Yes, it is a scary time but there are lots of ladies here that will help you along the way so you will not feel alone.

So sorry to hear about your Dad and Brother, that must have been and still is very painful for you and your Mum.

Hopefully you won't have to wait too long for your MRI and in the meantime try and stay away from Dr Google, he often makes things sound worse than what they are.

Message me anytime if you have any questions.

Big hugs


Hello sweetheart :-)

I am very sorry that you have had to come and find us here but this is the very best place for you so don't go Googling anywhere else :-) We're all here for you all the time. So sorry to hear about the men in your family, that must be so hard, but that doesn't mean that you are about to follow suit OK? 

I seem to remember first being surprised by a chest X-ray and then again a few days later having the words 'radical hysterectomy' mentioned and it is a very scary time, but now three and a half years further down the line I'm fit and well after a 2b diagnosis. Some really wise words and practical advice from Cheryl & H above, especially the hot-tub and Netflix :-)

Oh, and lower back pain is just a symptom of life! Really, really, really it is.

Be lucky



Ladies thank you so much! Im sorry if I sounded over the top but I keep things in to my Mum & friends & I just sort of panicked on here! This comes on top of 4 surgeries I've already had for a neurological condition my last op was Jan 15 & in the middle of it as I said my Dad got cancer & passed & now this! It's actually laughable! The weird thing is I have no symptoms! My Mum called me ill yesterday & I said I'm not ill I just have cancer! Lol 

Ladies thank you so much for responding I hope you are all fit & healthy now & long may it continue!

Clare xx

Hi Clare Sorry about your diagnosis and there is no such thing as sounding over the top here, the 'c' word creates that reaction I think. I used to chant "Cancer,cancer,cancer" to myself to try and get over it! I also had no symptons at stage 1b1, which everyone was really surprised about. Now, looking back, there were a few very early signs, very occasionally spotting after sex but nothing I'd have worried about. I used to get really cross when people said I was ill, I wasn't! I felt fine! Lol. Anyway great advice from everyone else, you honestly will feel better when all the tests etc are done and you know what's happening. My Dad died of cancer when I was 17 so I understand a little of how you feel. You are about to amaze yourself with how strong you are, honestly. Good luck and take care x

Thank you Ali77. I'm sorry your Dad has passed away too! Are you ok now? Xx

Hi Clare,

So sorry to hear you've been diagnosed. I just wanted to stop by and say good luck for the coming weeks. The forum is an amazing place for support and information and as the other ladies have said, stay away from Google!

It's amazing what we don't properly 'hear' during diagnosis and appointments. Mine told me they thought it was stage 1 and would be treated surgically but of course all I heard was cancer!

I'm 2 years clear from stage 1 and a radical hysterectomy and am off for a check up in an hour.

All the best xxxx



Thank you. I'm hoping it is stage one!

Good luck Jo1982 please let me know how you get on! Everything is crossed for you! Xxx 

It went well - I've been put on 6 monthly check ups now rather than 3 :)

The gyn consultants usually have a very good idea of what they're looking at. Obviously it's still very worrying for you until you 'know' for certain, but you'll be in the best hands.

Good luck!


Yes I am ok, really well! Thank you. It’s been a ride and a half but I’m here and I’m good, just over 2 years all clear. You’ll get here too, just take one step at a time xx

Jo I'm so glad it went well YOU GO GIRL! & Ali SO pleased you're well now too!

Im trying to take each day at a time but I keep thinking as I have been single for 5 years (by choice) who will want me now after all this cancer business!?! I really don't want to be alone for ever! :( xxx

hey darl. being firstly diagnosed was by far the worst part for me. once you have your scans and know exactly what your dealing with your hidden inner strength finds itself. im 4 weeks post radical hysterectomy and  from around 2 n half weeks after ive felt totally normal. good luck xxx

Thank You sj88.  Sorry youre going through it too. Can I ask please what stage cancer you had? Will you need further traetment?

Good luck lovely xxx

believe it or not ive never been told a stage. i got clear margins after my op but im having radiotherapy as precaution xxc