Nervous for MRI results today

Hey guys. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer last week and had my MRI on Monday. I wasn't really given any details about the extent of my issue, just that it was found in all three biopsies taken at a colposcopy.

This afternoon I go to the hospital for my results of the MRI and to see if it has spread and what the next steps are. I know I'm being sent to another hospital for treatment, but that's it so far.

Can I just ask what all this cin3 and so on stuff means? I've heard none of this and been to see my nurse a few times!

Just looking for a little advice anyway, very anxious for my results today!

Hi hani

im not sure about cin 3 is I'm afraid as I have banned myself from Google.  I just wanted to wish u luck and say I'll be thinking about you.

i wish I could say something to help your nerves but I'm the exact same.

good luck today


Try not to worry too much about the MRI results, I had myself convinced that the cancer would have spread, but thankfully the results came back that it was only in the cervix. I was initially told I would need a full hysterectomy and chemo and radio therapy but turns out now I only need the hysterectomy, try n think positive and good luck with the results xx

Hi Hani, 

wanted to wish you lots of luck and strength for today. I couldn't even begin to imagine what you are all going through. 

Cin is the term used for pre-cancerous cells and its graded into 1,2 or 3 (1 being mild and 3 being moderate). Hope that sheds a little light on it for you. Xx

Good luck Hani, thinking of you.

Thanks for the info guys.

I didn't quite expect the news I received. I was diagnosed last week with cc just on the opening of my cervix. At the MRI they found two more areas by my ovaries. I've been referred to Clatterbridge for a PET scan to confirm things, then I'll begin treatment there.

Apparently I'm looking at five weeks of radiation therapy alongside chemotherapy. Rather daunting and didn't expect that I'd have to go to Clatterbridge every day Monday-Friday for five weeks. Now I've got to wait at least two weeks for an appointment.

Not sure how I'll cope with all this waiting!

Hugs Hani xx I had my MRI on Monday, & I'm still waiting for my results, after being told I would hear back by now. The results are ready but no one had called. It's  hard. Im here if you ever want to pm or just rant. I'm sorry, you have to travel far for treatment. I have bern told mine is going to be at main hospital an hour away. Look up any help you can have to get support with travel or costs x

Hi Hani sorry to hear your results weren't quite what you were hoping. Stay strong and keep in touch. I hope the treatment all goes OK for you and that'll be the end of it :). Xxx

Hani that is difficult news, the waiting and travelling too sounds tough as well so a lot to get your head around. lots of love.

Sorry to hear that news. Your head must be spinning. Take it all a day at a time. My local link service offered me a deal for weekly trips for radio (I didn't need them in the end) but if your hospital will have details if transport options but you have to ask.

Hi Hani :-)

Just sending you a big hug (((((HUG))))) I promise you that five weeks of chemo radiation is not half as bad or difficult as it sounds, even when there's a fair old whack of travelling involved.

Be lucky :-)

Thanks for the support guys. My head is just all over the place at the moment. Last week they told me they thought it would be simple surgery and should be able to preserve my fertility and such. All of a sudden it's changed completely. My Dr is worried that it may be spreading along the lymph nodes for it to jump to my ovaries, despite not having spread in my cervix.

I'm going back to work next week to try and get a couple of weeks in before I start my treatment. The Nurse thinks it's a good idea to occupy me, but the Doc says he thinks I'll struggle. Can only try, eh!

I'm just currently trying to avoid reading all the horrible stuff I've seen online! Hope everyone else is doing well.