Nervous about symptoms

Hi I had cin 3 in 2008 and had lettz and had all clear since.  My last smear was 2 and a half years ago and for the last 6 months I have been lightly bleeding when I walk lots, after sex and after house work.  The pain has got awful I'm the last 3 weeks just really intense pelvic pain without me doing anything. I'm sitting here now with 10/10 pain.  

Im used to pain as I have adhesions and never let it get me down but this is awful.  I did see consultant in Dec and was told my cervix looks ok (Just looking from naked eye)  he did silver nitrate to stop bleeding but didn't work.  Next consultant said it's either endometriosis or erosion and put me on pill for 2 months and still I'm bleeding and in pain.

I had a hysterectomy in 2011 just womb removed so that's why my bleeding isn't heavy.  I'm scared the pre cancerous cells have came back because of the symptoms. The pain goes to the top of my thighs as well.  Morphine helps but it's straight back when it wears of (I only take is when the pain is severe like today).  

I have a colposcopy on 15th June to laser the cervix to try and stop the bleeding but there not looking to see if there are pre cancerous cells which is bizzar as all my symptoms point to this.  

Thanks for reading xx