nerves kicking in...

Hello Ladys 

Not been on for a while as had so much messing about with docs gyne more than any thing wrong information being past to wrong people,,,Any way long story short I am now booked in for loop under GA ON THE 31ST  as went for treatment and doc who was very rude called other doc over and said oh this far to aggresive cant treat her her needs to be done under GA THINK WE MAY OF UNDER ESTAMATIED AT THE COLPOSCOPY felt so shocked after woulds any way now time is close for GA and nerves have kicked in xx

Been in so much pain in my pelvic area hope its allover soon i Never recieved results from colp i mean was not told cin 1 2 3 i Just know i had sever dys x

Any way any information you can share will help 


Good Luck Ladys 


Joni xx


Hi Joni,

Doesn't sound like you have had the nicest experience so far and I can understand you being shocked when that was said. I would be too. 

I can't speak from experience on the GA but from what I have read, that is usually done when the area is quite large. Does not mean it is any worse. I had my treatment last week and was told i had a large biopsy as the area was quite big. Seemed to be ok under local although I did need a stitch after. 

i was also not told the CIN. All I know is that it is severe also. 

Wish I could be more help. Hopefully someone who has had treatment under GA will have more information. 

Good Luck for next week. 


P.S Lovely name. Same as my daughter.

Thank you for your response,,

I hope everything is really good for you when you have your results and you have the all clear..My experience so far has been shocking but i have been to see my GP who has been amazing and Emailed my consultant so am hopefull when i see him they will be a bit more profesinal,, we will see,,My doc has said he thinks there is a chance am looking at cc but hopfull the loop will be all that is needed,, I do get the felling they know more than they tell you xx

Good luck to you


Joni thank you i do love my name but have never met any one with the same lol xx


Thanks Joni,

Not enjoying the waiting game but trying to be patient!!

it does sounds like your experience has been shocking. It's horrible considering it is such a sensitive issue. 

At least your doctor has been better and contacted your consultant. Sorry to hear it may be CC but it's good that the doctor is hopeful that the loop will be all that is needed. 

I know what you mean about them knowing more. I got that impression too. 

Wishing you lots of luck for next week. Let us know how you get on. 



Thanks  DB12,

I will keep in touch hunni, be of luck it is all just a awaiting game that is the hard part i think when there is a plan a head it musch easier to cope,

Talk soon best of luck 

Joni xxxx