Nerves Have Set In..... Hysteroscopy Tomorrow!

I have my first meeting with a gynae-oncologist tomorrow. 

My appointment originally was for Friday but it was changed to tomorrow so that I could also have a hysteroscopy performed while I am there.

I have already had a few treatment options suggested to me with a gynae at my local hospital but have now been referred to this new chap.

I know I definitely need surgery under a GA and will also be having an EUA while under of my bladder and bowel but as of yet I still don't know exactly the type of surgery I need. 

I haven't seen much on here about the hysteroscopy procedure and can now say after a week of being calm and collected I'm now a complete nervous wreck! 

I can't say for certain but my guess is that he's wanting to examine my womb beforehand to see if it should stay or not But that is just a general guess. 

Has anybody else had a hysteroscopy while awake? Any advice on what to expect? Afterwards Etc? 

My husband is able to come with me but can see he'd probably pass out! Typical man! 

Any advice atal or any thoughts would be much appreciated. 




sorry I cannot give u any advice but I can say enjoy ur Sunday and make sure u do something lovely in the sunshine to keep ur mind busy!!! I do hope it goes well for u tomorrow and will be thinking of u. Big hugs to u matey. Keep calm!! Lol 

xxx dond

Hi Johanna,

Sorry, I also don't have any experience of this kind of procedure but I just wanted to say good luck for tomorrow and that I'll be thinking of you xxxx

Thankyou ladies. 

Doesnt seem many have had a hysteroscopy & you'd presume its be done at the same time as they check my bowel and bladder while I'm asleep. 

I don't know what treatment options il be offered yet but iv only had hysterectomy & removal of the cervix mentioned so I'm purely guessing that he wants to do this first to check how my womb is and if he seems it's ok hel just remove the cervix or if there's any signs of abnormal cells hel take the lot but who knows! 

If just like to know what to prepare myself for.

Iv been completely fine all week but just today I feel sick with nerves. 

But I have 3 children & a husbands ironing to keep me occupied not to mention the 'preening' time iv dedicated to myself ready for tomorrow's legs in stirrups lol. 

Oh and did I mention a huge chocolate fudge cake! 

Ps if I don't get a treatment plan tomorrow please be prepared to see an upset ranting post tomorrow evening! 

Thankyou girls



I will be thinking of you tomorrow Johanna - i'd also be nervous as hell.  The idea of any kind of surgery or investgation under GA freaks me out !


I have to say I am with you on the Chocolate - glass of red wine and chocolate always helps me - although the rate I've been drinking the wine and eating the choc the last 4 weeks I shall be roughly the size of a small detached bungalow soon !!!


Hope to hear you have a game plan so you can start preparing for the way forward after all thats all of us waiting want to know eh.  I just want to know if I need to plan for a small proceedure or a big op.    From my research it seems that  even if I am lucky enough to end up with CIN3 result they may still discuss hysterectomy with me as at 51 I am pretty much crashing into menopause anyway.  There is part of me that thinks that may not be a bad idea - get the whole lot out.


Good luck hun


Hi Johanna, I had a hysteroscopy before I was diagnosed in Feb. I was awake and it is painless! Basically it is a camera that  examines the lining of your womb, you can watch it on the screen if you're not squeamish!! If you have any questions just ask xx


Sue :-) 

Thankyou for your replies especially yours Sue. Iv not really been able to find much about it. 

I fully expected to attend colposcopy and have a Lletz tree and then but just not the way it had worked out with me I suppose. 

Not too fond of the idea of going under GA (I'm epileptic so any sedative type drugs usually induce a seizure in coming round) but if needs must then so be it. 

Just really hoping that il also get a plan of action tomorrow or il be pretty disappointed. 

Im also trying to decide if I need to prepare for major surgery as in a hysterectomy or less major with removal of cervix or something that hasn't been discussed yet!Iv have 3 children under 7 so all very dependant and my husband is a teacher so pretty much impossible for him to have time off work to help with the kids.

Would jut be nice to have some plans! 

I feel abit more reassured thanks Sue, I have a mirena coil but by the time I felt that go in it was already out so not bad atal. 



I had a colposcopy and MRI a couple of weeks after the hysteroscopy, but originally they diagnosed me with uterine cancer as I had polyps and they thought they were from my womb but turned out to be from my cervix! I don't want to upset you but I waited about 8 days for the results and they were given by phone!! Hopefully you will be told straight away x

Good luck, I hope you get good news xx


Yum for the choc cake, do enjoy!!! And get those legs fuzz free!!


One thing I would advise for tonight is sit down with note pad and pen and write down all the questions u have going on in ur head at the mo and make sure u ask them tomorrow! ! As consultant time is precious hopefully he will be able to give u a good idea of what will happen exactly in coming weeks.

So eat and write this evening!!!  And TRY not to get too wound up....

Got luck xxx dons

I love this site for practical advice and support! 

You ladies are fab!

Im going to do the list now Don as I do have so much I want to ask but will probably not ask a single thing once in there!

 Iv been given a diagnosis of CIS and VAIN111 from my biopsys taken at colposcopy but they could see there was some abnormalities just inside of my cervix too so I'm guessing they want to check there's not more going on up there. 

I was told I will need scans aswel but not sure when or what type of scans! 

Im normally ok once I know what's happening and time frames but am useless with waiting and not knowing lol. 

Iv decided to scoff all I want seen as stress will probably make the extra pounds gained to drop off!



Hi Johanna

I just wanted to send my love, a big cyber hug and say best of luck for tomorrow....I really hope they are able to treat you there and then and get rid of the buggers, I have everything crossed for you hun :-) xxxx

Hi Johanna

Just wanted to say that I've been thinking of you today. Hope it was all straightforward and that you got some idea of what's happening.

Rachel x

Thankyou ladies.

I have just wrote a new conversation with the outcome but I'm booked for a trachelectomy with a review of my womb in 6 months.