Nerve pain

Has anybody had pain in pelvic bones post chemoradiotherapy and Brachytherapy I am in constant debilitating pain. Am thinking it might be nerve damage

Hi Lozza,

I’ve had a fair bit in my left hip bone - what I’ve found really helps is going to the gym and strengthening the area. It’s almost completely gone now, I know everyones not the same but maybe it might relieve a bit of the pain for you?

Hi Sam im glad to hear you have got relief.
The pain is now in my coccyx any pressure on it is extremely painful. Im going to call Oncology at the hospital today im pretty sure its nerve damage after brachytherapy treatment

Hello Lozza, I also had the same pain you are describing, it started about a month after chemo / radiation , and I was petrified that the cancer wasn’t gone. I started walking every day, slowly at first, then building myself up for longer distances. I always felt better after walking, it must have worked, because a year later my pain was completely gone and i am fit as a fiddle again.

Good to hear! Im 15 months post chemoradiotherapy and Brachytherapy doctors have diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia however I am asking them for further investigation I think its nerve damage from treatment

Hi @Lozza I am in the same situation as u. Pain in my pelvis, in my groin area and hips and a pain that travels from my groin down the front of my thigh into my knee, and legs are very weak/heavy and my left leg randomly collapses under me when walking, with no warning. My oncologist referred me for an MRI in January which ruled out cancer, but since then have been left to fend for myself. He said he doesn’t know what’s caused it. The gp won’t even speak to me, reception just arranged pain killers and told me I need to speak with my cancer team about any problems. But they won’t speak to me so I don’t know what to do at this point. I’ve left several messages with my consultants secretary but he never calls back. Very frustrating.

Hi Andrea I am so sorry to hear of your situation. Have you heard of Post Radiation Nerve Damage? It appears to be a taboo topic.
Oncology nurse not very forthcoming when I questioned her about it.
Our pain is real!
I have taken a stance with my GP who has diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia I told him I will not accept that diagnosis until every possible diagnostic test has been done to eliminate other causes. I like you thought I was fighting a losing battle. And yes we have to fend for ourselves so go to other doctors leave no stone unturned its your right to try and find the cause of your pain.
Dont let them dismiss your symptoms the pain is real!

It turns out I have an insufficiency stress fracture of the sacrum!
3 months of debilitating pain and finally an answer.
Insufficiency fractures are not caused by trauma they are caused by the weakness of bones.
Radiotherapy is said to be one of the causes of this type of fracture


Glad to hear u finally have some answers! I have an appointment next month with my consultant, I’m going to ask about fractures as my GP was worried about that before I started treatment cus I’d had a severe vitamin d deficiency.

Yes it was a relief to get an answer. Im booked in for a MRI sacrum feels better now coccyx playing up.