Nerve damage post treatment

So 2019 grade 2b cervical cancer with lymph node involvement. 5 sessions of chemo, 5 weeks or radiotherapy daily plus 4 sessions of brachytherapy.
2020 no sign of cancer… although one leg was much larger than the other… fast forward to jan 2023. I have a huge ( knee to pelvis) dvt that was misdiagnosed as Lymphodema, nerve damage from radiotherapy? Unilateral plexopathy? Debilitating pain, under pain team, on pregablin, zomorph, oramorph… still in agony most days. Only comfortable when laying in bed…
Outcome is I’ve been off work ( paramedic) for 8 months, can’t see me being able to return to a job I’ve done for 20 years and love.
I know I needed treatment… but since treatment I’ve not been well… I’m so fed up. I can only walk for 5 minutes, I struggle to even stand to make a cup of tea.
I’m so fed up…
Can anyone recommend anything or anyone who might be able to help me please xx

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Hi @Emsjc - I don’t have any suggestions but didn’t want to read and run. I am so very sorry you are still dealing with such life altering complications so long after treatment. Sending my best vibes and hope someone has some ideas to help you find relief. :two_hearts: