Neoadjuvant care anyone?

Following my voicemail I made the decision along with my oncologist to have full chemotherapy (loose the hair :(() and bring my 1b2 adenocarcinoma to a level where he can give me a hysterectomy as my bmi was meaning radio would surely leave me with serious bladder and bowel problems. Aside from the hair I'm delighted with this decision as it high cute rate and after I'll feel like I've had the full works :). Anyone else been down this road? Have any experience? And any tips on the full chemotherapy only have 3/4 doses to bring tumour size down but I'm really scared about it. 

Thank you 

Hi Charlene sorry I can't give you any answers but just wanted to wish you luck Hunni with your treatment xx


I am ignorant of what the term neoadjuvant care means. However, just so you know, I was petrified of chemo but I had a great team and the chemo reduced tumours. It was really not scary. I was given taxol/carboplatin therapy.

If you can specify the chemo they will be using and the number of rounds they plan, more ladies will be able to respond with their own experiences that can be much more helpful than my comment.

Best wishes.

He is planning four rounds of the taxol combination. To be honest my biggest fear is the hair, im 26 and finding that really hard to cope with. I know in the big scale of things it's not a big deal but I'm struggling to process it. Thank you guys this forum is like a safe place for me at the moment to voice how I'm really feeling :(. Charlene x

Hi Charlene. I was worried about my hair too. I got a wig just in case but haven't used it yet. My hair has started to fall out and is very thin now so I am wearing a little beanie type hat made out of tea shirt type material. I found them at my local maggies (Newcastle) centre but some cancer hospitals stock them. Everyone says I look quite chic so I think I am sticking to it. Elizabeth Taylorism. The wig feels hot and itchy. At home I have a bare head and it's amazing how we've all got used to it. In the greater scale of things I decided my attitude would influence people's response. getting rid of the cancer is my priority and my hair loss will hopefully be temporary. Lots of luck!


Charlene, I had 6 chemo and my beautiful long curly hair started to come out 14 days after chemo started. But my highest priority, like Karen, is to get well. That was in January and my head was sensitive so I only wore my wig a few times. I got a variety of hats and scarves to keep my head warm then. During this summer, I go without headcovering unless outside. Then I have a couple of cotton type hats. And you may be as schocked as I have been when several times I answered the door bare headed and someone says in great surprise, "Wow! You look beautiful!!!" And they really mean it. Even total strangers have said it when they saw me in a store. One of the secrets is to wear earrings you like, because they show off your eyes. My hair is growing in now, just in a rainbow of colors that everyone thinks is cute. lol. I show my attitude by not letting it bother me and that seems to come across. Katie